Famous Singer, Tope Alabi Denies Confessing To Being A Mermaid - Denies Ajanaku

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Gospel act, Tope Alabi has spoken for the first time since her former spiritual father, Prophet Ajanaku passed on. Late Prophet Ajanaku and Tope used to be very close, that the singer sang his praises on different tracks. They were too close for comfort, that church member’s started spreading rumours that the prophet and the singer must be having something intimate together. And alas before the cock could crow, Tope and the prophet have already started having issues and the prophet came out to announce the singer asked him for sex. Sex? Tope denied it, and vowed not to say anything further about the accusation, but said God will vindicate her.

Till he died, Tope and the Prophet weren’t on talking terms, and he was the last thing she was ready to talk to the press about. However in a Radio interview on Faaji Fm on Monday, Tope gave the real reasons why she parted ways with the prophet and also denied being behind a CD currently circulating that she is from the waters- a mermaid.

“There was nothing sexual between Ajanaku and I. I was at his church for ministration and I used to contribute my tithe at his church. Before news made the rounds that he was into traditional things,I had parted ways with him 3 years before then. God revealed to me that he’s that kind of person, hence my decision.”

About confessing she’s a mermaid in an audio tape she said; “I was on a foreign musical tour when someone called and said I had released a new audio, where I confessed to being a mermaid. I didn’t believe it because I felt it was just one of those media stunts. So, I just waved the whole thing aside. It was when I got home and another pastor called me and said he just got the tape and that I was the one. I was dumbfounded. So, I asked him to please play it for me. To my greatest surprise, I actually listened to it over the phone and I just sat there. The voice was exactly my voice. But I just can’t explain how the person did it. The only confession I have ever done and will continue to do is the gospel of Christ.”

amyportion (f) at 7-10-2014 11:05AM
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Give JESUS a chance in ur life
xjiggy (m) at 7-10-2014 12:06PM
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U go fit remember na. U think say Holy Spirit na u mate abi. No worry u go soon confess live on stage.
schmit (f) at 7-10-2014 12:16PM
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U say na ur voice? Na wa 4 dis kind matter oo
beneno (m) at 7-10-2014 12:55PM
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 Roll Eyes  Roll Eyes  Roll Eyes  Roll Eyes
Trueyarn (m) at 7-10-2014 12:59PM
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Pls media mke una let †ђǝse woman be.
Larry28 (f) at 7-10-2014 01:15PM
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Reserve my comment
paulohking (m) at 7-10-2014 02:43PM
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paulohking (m) at 7-10-2014 02:48PM
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Chericoco (f) at 7-10-2014 04:13PM
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 You said it was your voice. Case close. You're a mermaid. How you want take explain when na ya voice na?
morgrawl231 (m) at 7-10-2014 05:21PM
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Na wa oo....
whylex4show (m) at 7-10-2014 07:07PM
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Hmmmn,palava,how come it is your voice o,aunty tope?.
Mikexp (m) at 8-10-2014 01:32AM
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it's very disgusting to see some nigerians swiftly pointing accusing fingers on another. lets take a deep breathe and a kin look at matters before coming up into conclussions. I totally denied the fact that it was Evg tope's voice I heard over the confession because I needed not to be riminded that technology has so much advanced that anybody's picture can easily be improviced or edited with just few modern effects- 007movies+media documentaries can give a clear picture of the point im driving out here. the poster is accurate because iv taken my painstaking time to follow up her case to the last letter as because im interested as anybody here.my message- let he who thinks he's firm grab something lest he falls.
ukanahv (m) at 8-10-2014 02:42AM
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Everyone is entitle to his or her opinion, .. I reserve mine.
bankadetoun (f) at 8-10-2014 08:55AM
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Some people with their black mind
Nicksam (m) at 8-10-2014 09:30AM
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middleboy (m) at 8-10-2014 11:57AM
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what else are u still saying hence d voice is exactly urs
Kenpest007 (m) at 11-10-2014 02:15AM
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I comment my reserve
femjay (m) at 2-12-2014 08:04AM
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⌣̊┈̥-̶̯͡»̶̥·̵̭̌✽̤̥̈̊ Ơ̴̴̴͡k.̤̥̈̊·̵̭̌»̶̥-̶̯͡┈̥‎⌣.
elchymo (m) at 24-08-2015 12:39PM
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See gbese oo