Redeemed, RCCG Pastor Kidnapped By Boko Haram Escapes From Sambisa Forest

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How Massive Flooding Saved RCCG Pastor Rotimi Obajimi From Boko Haram In Sambisa Forest, Borno State

After over 9 months in captivity, a Pastor of RCCG has escaped from his abductors.

Pastor Rotimi Obajimi who served as a resident pastor in a village in Borno was travelling to Maiduguri on the 6th of January when the dreaded Jihadi sect kidnapped him.

Obajimi said he was taken to Sambisa Forest in January after his abduction.

He was able to regain freedom after a heavy downpour that resulted in severe flooding in Sambisa forest.

Due to the heavy downpour, the terrorists abandoned their captives in Sambisa forest.

Pastor Obajimi said he was able to escape and wandered in the forest several days before he could arrive at a village where the Nigerian military picked him up.

After narrating his ordeal to the soldiers, they brought him to Maiduguri where he was immediately transferred to Maimallari Hospital by military escorts.

Another RCCG Pastor in Maiduguri said the Military advised all of them to relocate to Redemption Camp in Lagos for their own safety.

Obajimi regained freedom on Tuesday the 7th of October, 2014.


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