Actress Mercy Aigbe Gentry's Hubby [Lanre Gentry] Beaten To A Pulp

Published On: November 27, 2014, 1:20 pm
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Actress mercy Aigbe-Gentry's Hubby Lanre was given the beating of his life yesterday November 26,2014 at his hotel premises in Ikeja.
According to insider gist,the guy who beat him up is Gov. Mimiko's SA named Bashorun Akinloye Akinboni .
It is whispered that Bashorun paid Lanre Gentry rent but he turned around and rented out same house to gospel artiste Atorise.
When Bashorun Akinloye Akinboni  went to his hotel last night and coincidentally met Atorise there ,an argument ensued and Bashorun Akinloye Akinboni lost his temper and pounced on Larry Gent beating him to a Pulp.
When the beating got too much and blood was gushing from all his body,Atorise took to his heels,leaving the venue in one piece.
As you read this,he has bandage on his legs, arms and places eyes cannot see when one is clothed.
 Amebos swear that Popular Yoruba presenter, Segun Adisa of Labeorun fame was also there live and witnessed the beating...However,it is possible he might not want to be ociated with this kind of news when it breaks..
why he beat up Lanre and he said ''Lanre is in the habit of duping people and had no right to take his money and give someone else the house.he has been doing this to several people and needs to be stopped''
It is alleged that Mercy's Hubby is in debt and under pressure to provide money for the five star beauty shop his wife is about to launch next week.

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Amebo swear..........imagine how you sat down in the comfort of your little home and gave someone else history to suit purpose. So for your eye now, Mercy cannot afford money to open a beauty shop without her husband effort abi? Mtcheeeew!
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Picture or I dont believe it.

-- echeeche (m) at 27-11-2014 02:30PM
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Hmmmm, if its tru serves him right
-- beneno (m) at 27-11-2014 03:02PM
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 Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
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He niids 2 be tought
-- DrSoba (m) at 27-11-2014 04:32PM
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Good for him
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I can't even get d story. Get Uя̲̅ story straight dude
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Cheating is not good.  lobatan.
-- schmit (f) at 27-11-2014 09:22PM
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Y he b say dis man name no dey ever connect to gud news?
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OK Na, so what else?
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I don't believe this.
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 Grin Grin Grin Grin
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oh i c
-- lucasbalo (m) at 28-11-2014 10:31AM
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Who cares ?.
-- Fertymor (f) at 5-12-2014 11:45AM
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Na wa o, maybe when Atorise come dere there were no vacancy room except Gov. Mimiko room while his nt around so he wanted to use d room to help him without knowing dat Gov. Mimiko is coming, bt it as nt gotten to dat beating to pulp level naa...