7 Reasons Why You Should Date The Younger Adult Man

5 years ago by: MrJohn
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Based on general observation, these are 7 really awesome things about dating an adult younger man.

1. Little or No baggage. Unlike an older guy who has had much more experience, including those that have jaded him and have tainted his views of life and women, the younger man is greener, lighter and therefore a lot more fun and stress-free.

2. Over compensation. I think this is the very best part. Because younger guys know that you’re older, they tend to believe that you’re worldlier, that you’ve experienced life and seen much more of the world than they have. For this reason they feel inadequate around you and in order to make up for this (perceived) inadequacy they try and try and try to compensate. And guess what, it’s all in your favor. Yippee!

3. They more or less worship the ground you walk on. I think this also partly results from number 2 above. Their inadequacy makes them see you as much more than them, they see you as a queen, especially if you carry yourself as one. They treat you with utmost respect and reverence… especially if you treat them with even a modicum of the same. Yes, they’re younger but they have their male ego and they still want (and deserve) to be respected regardless of the age difference.

4. The Sex! Yes, they may lack certain finesse of the older male but they’re more energetic and remember number 2 above; over compensation… they’re very veeeery eager to please. In addition to being eager to please, they’re also eager to learn (from you), because they see you as much more experienced, therefore you must be a skilled teacher. All this in turn makes sex a very exciting and memorable experience each and every time.

5. They listen. They make for great conversationalists because unlike the older man, they tend to believe that you know what you’re talking about and every word you say to them is the truth.

6. They have fewer demands and expectations. This is particularly fantastic in this part of the world where men believe themselves to be kings who should be waited on hand and foot. The younger man will neither demand nor expect you to do his chores, clean after him or cook his food. Of course if you offer he’ll be a willing recipient and guess what, because he lacks that sense of entitlement that the older man has, he will be oh so grateful and he will eagerly express this gratitude in the most interesting of ways.

7. They tend to have more zeal for life. Less baggage equals more zest! They’re spontaneous, have fewer cares and treat life like one exciting adventure. And if for nothing else, this will make you feel younger, lighter, happier and rejuvenated. And isn’t that what we all want?
In all, the younger man feels he has so much to prove to you and will do the extra work to make him worthy of you. Guess what, you will have the time of your life merely by allowing this to happen.

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This doesn't apply to nigerian ladies joor,Naija girls wey dey find person wey go dey feed am,They prefer those granpa pass we younger guys as dem no get choice na..
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