50 Years Old Man On The Run After Defiling His 14 Years Old Daughter

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 The police are on the trail of a 50-year-old man, Vincent Uzor, who is on the run after allegedly molesting his 14-year-old daughter.
PUNCH Metro learnt that the victim was raped last week Tuesday in the Ebute Meta area of Lagos State where Uzor lived with his second wife.
It was gathered that the victim’s mother died about seven years ago after which she started living with her grandmother.

However, when the old woman became plagued with ill health, she was said to have been taken to the Ogijo area of Ogun State, where she stayed with an aunt.
But the aunt, three weeks ago, reportedly sent her to her father in Ebute Meta, saying she wanted to travel.

The Primary four pupil in an interview with our correspondent said her father defiled her while she was in the kitchen.
She said, “My mother died seven years ago. I did not know my father because I grew up with my grandmother. It was when I was 12 years old that I was told I had a father.

“Three weeks ago, my aunty told me I would stay with my father for a few days because she was travelling and did not want to leave me alone at home. That was how I went to stay with my father.

“On Tuesday, around 6.30pm, my father asked me to warm the soup on the stove. He suddenly followed me inside the kitchen and shut the door. I thought he wanted to cane me, and I started begging him.
“Instead, he removed his clothes and pulled my skirt and pants. Then he had sex with me. It was painful and blood gushed out from my private parts. He then said he was sorry.”

The victim said her father gave her N500 for treatment after she complained of pains in her legs.
She added that he took her to a traditional doctor who prescribed some concoction for her.
“My father told me he wanted to travel. I used the money he gave me to buy recharge cards and I called my elder brother and some other people to tell them what happened to me,” she said.

However, before the police could arrive at the scene, Uzor was said to have fled the house.
The victim was reportedly taken to Ogijo, where the matter got to the attention of the Ogun State Coordinator of the Centre for Defence of Human Rights, Mrs. Toyosi Bello.

Bello accused the police of trying to cover up the incident.

She said, “The Denton Police Division wanted to muddle up the matter and I decided to take the case to Nigerians. This girl is almost an orphan and needs help, but the police are trying to compound her problems.”

Our correspondent learnt that the victim and Bello were later connected with a human rights organisation, Project Alert on Violence against Women.

The Coordinator of the group, Mrs. Josephine Effah-Chukwuma, said the 14-year-old had been taken to the hospital for treatment.
She said, “When she got here, we did a referral letter to Mirabel Centre, which is a subsidiary of the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital. Some medical tests were carried out on her and drugs were given to her.

“She is in our custody in the interim because she cannot go back to either her aunt or father. We discovered her aunt had been physically abusing her. We saw scars all over her body. The aunt then sent her to her father who further sexually abused her.”
Effah-Chukwuma said the group had petitioned the police authorities because the case was not given the attention it deserved, adding that the Denton Police Division had been “notorious in terms of how they respond to sexual abuse cases.”
A letter, dated December 4 and addressed to the State Criminal Investigation Department, Yaba, claimed that the policemen handling the case connived with Uzor’s second wife to rubbish it.
It added that the Lagos State Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Women Affairs (Child Department) had been notified.

The Police Public Relations Officer, Kenneth Nwosu, told our correspondent that the police had commenced investigations, adding that justice would be served.
He said, “The case was reported at the station. The division has not closed the matter.
“It is presently under investigation and I am aware the father of the girl is not around.

“The matter is now at the SCID.”

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Too bad,,,
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Very bad
-- femjay (m) at 8-12-2014 10:15AM
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Chai : too bad ! The man must rotten in jail for this heartless act :

Dareper brother at work again:
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Tufiakwa - aru!
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Too bad things happening
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I think the man is suffering from konji,
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Quote from: danielsony on  8-12-2014 10:46AM
I think the man is suffering from konji,

Childish talk. I hope they will soon catch you on your own as well.
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another innocent victim, this is bad too bad!
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He can RUN but he can't [email protected]

This is the type of person I would VOTE to be executed!
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Quote from: danielsony on  8-12-2014 10:46AM
I think the man is suffering from konji,

This break my heart and it is not funny like most of you think it is. This girl is half orphan and suffering physical and sexual abuse. God will judge them, especially the father out of all ppl.
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Quote from: Foxtroft on  8-12-2014 12:42PM
This break my heart and it is not funny like most of you think it is. This girl is half orphan and suffering physical and sexual abuse. God will judge them, especially the father out of all ppl.
We could come to conclusion that the girl is an orphan. even though the father is still living, but to me, this father is better dead than alive.what a pathetic story. in as much as the father is not mentally challenged. i think if caught he should be castratred and jailed for long years to come. this trauma will live with this girl forever.hoping counselling would help ease the trauma this girl is passing through.father monster, aunty beast.
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 Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
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It's sickening. Bad
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Abominable things is now happening.
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thunder fire devil Angry

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Demonic father
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Too bad
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Mad mN in D makin
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