This Is Your Last Christmas In Bondage - APC Tell Nigerians

Published On: December 25, 2014, 6:28 am (5 years ago)
Author: Mister Jay Wonder
bohlah (m)

The All Progressives Congress (APC) yesterday assured Nigerians that today’s Christmas would be their last under the bondage of insecurity, corruption, unemployment, widespread hopelessness and poor leadership.

In a Christmas message to Nigerians, the party, however, such a desire would only be achieved if voters use the opportunity offered by the coming presidential election to choose competent leadership.

The charge by the APC came as Vice-President Namadi Sambo flayed the APC in Lagos and other states of claiming credit for the achievements of the Federal Government in their states.

In the Christmas message contained in a statement issued in Abuja yesterday by its National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the APC sympathised with Nigerians who it claimed could not celebrate Christmas this year on account of the difficulties in the land.

In the message, the APC also listed out programmes it said would help to redress the gloomy situation in the country. Among the programmes were a monthly welfare scheme to cover 25 million poor Nigerians, the employment of at least 100,000 more policemen and the establishment of a properly-trained and equipped Federal Anti-Terrorism Multi- Agency Task Force to destroy Boko Haram.

Noting the fate of Nigerians under the present leadership, the APC said: “Many cannot travel home due to fears of kidnapping, ethno-religious crisis and insurgency, depending on which part of the country they are from. Many cannot celebrate due to the effects of the economic downturn, as manifested in weakening Naira and falling oil prices, both exacerbated by widespread corruption.

‘’Many will mark the holidays in darkness as the country’s public power supply seems to have fallen in a direct proportion to the huge funds ostensibly pumped into the sector in the past few years. Many will be stuck on the roads that have become clogged due to their poor state.”

‘’While there is no magic wand to solve the myriad of problems facing our country in one fell swoop, an APC government will begin to positively impact on the citizenry within its first few months at the helm, to such an extent that Nigerians will have a better Christmas celebration in 2015,’’ it said.

‘’We have, through our manifesto, entered into a honest social contract with Nigerians. But we are aware that we cannot do it alone, hence we need the consent and participation of the people.

‘’Our eight pledges for a better Nigeria, which are highlights of our manifesto, form the core of our social contract with Nigeria. During our first term in office, we pledge to create 3 million new jobs a year through public works programmes and by shifting the economy towards value-added production will be our primary economic target; we will strengthen security by employing at least an extra 100,000 police officers and establishing a properly-trained and equipped Federal Anti-Terrorism Multi- Agency Task Force to destroy Boko Haram and any form of insurgency. We will also introduce an immediate pay rise and improved conditions for all five security services.

‘’To fight corruption, the cankerworm that has eaten deep into the fabric of our society, we will adopt a zero-tolerance approach to the vice – rooting out dishonest public servants and imposing tough sanctions including jail sentences.

‘’To position our youth for better job opportunities, we will provide interest-free loans for university/technical school students who meet the required entry qualifications, and this will be funded by providing guarantees to the banking sector and by absorbing the interest. Also, we will introduce a free daily school meal for all children attending primary school.

‘’As a first phase to battling poverty, we will introduce direct conditional monthly social security payment for 25 million of the poorest Nigerians.

To ensure a more healthy society, we will create a network of local health centres providing free services and drugs, such that no one lives more than 5km from help. And will will create a more equitable distribution of national revenue to the states and local governments because this is where grassroots democracy and economic development must be established.

‘’We know that for our long suffering people, hope springs eternal. We urge them to continue to keep that hope alive, because help is on the way,’’
APC said.


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Posted: (5 years ago) on 25-12-2014 06:28 AM | Addicted Hero
Ok na till den
Posted: (5 years ago) on 25-12-2014 06:51 AM | Newbie
I did nt see any person in APC party that has a good track record even Buhari all are chemeloean, at his age he have urge to rule.GOD help Nigeria.
Posted: (5 years ago) on 25-12-2014 07:02 AM | Upcoming
Ok ooo
Posted: (5 years ago) on 25-12-2014 07:12 AM | Upcoming
Ameen oooooooooooooooooo
Posted: (5 years ago) on 25-12-2014 07:41 AM | Gistmaniac
Thats political talk,
Posted: (5 years ago) on 25-12-2014 08:09 AM | Gistmaniac
AMEN oooo!!!
Posted: (5 years ago) on 25-12-2014 08:34 AM | Hero
Change for 2015
Posted: (5 years ago) on 25-12-2014 08:59 AM | Hero
By His Grace
Posted: (5 years ago) on 25-12-2014 09:32 AM | Gistmaniac
By His Grace
Posted: (5 years ago) on 25-12-2014 09:32 AM | Gistmaniac
valx2 valx2 (m)
buhari shld go n sleep...come 2015 he'll be disgraced again.
Posted: (5 years ago) on 25-12-2014 10:37 AM | Newbie
since 1960 Nigeria was liberated from foreign dominance and enslaved by the northern cabals and their cronies
Posted: (5 years ago) on 25-12-2014 04:12 PM | Gistmaniac
Go and tell all this rubbish to little children or adults with childish brain,,, deceivers,,, u guys are going nowhere, , ur broom logo signifies hw u gonna sweep away all nigeria wealth abroad
Posted: (5 years ago) on 25-12-2014 09:36 PM | Upcoming
Good to hear
Posted: (5 years ago) on 25-12-2014 11:43 PM | Hero
It's your members and their family who are in bondage and shall remain in there for ever.
Posted: (5 years ago) on 26-12-2014 01:20 AM | Gistmaniac
I believe in APC
Posted: (5 years ago) on 26-12-2014 10:27 AM | Newbie
By God grace !!!
Posted: (5 years ago) on 26-12-2014 02:46 PM | Gistmaniac
APC can never  bring any positive change.Nothing good will ever come from a party of corrupt background. Nigeria needs a revolution.
Posted: (5 years ago) on 27-12-2014 12:27 AM | Newbie