How A Married Man I Met On BBM Almost Killed Me With S ex and Drugged Drinks (Page 2)

Published On: December 27, 2014, 6:28 pm
Author: Daniel Bosai
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-- giftmurphy (f) at 27-12-2014 10:10PM
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thanks for sharing,u dont have to say u wont get along or marry because of this, its a thing u will never forget but with time the wounds will be healed and i hope your born again is genuine cos its obviously like cos of the incident u turned born again.... Lips Sealed ..give it tym, u will feel better!
-- deboalabi262 (m) at 27-12-2014 10:55PM
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That served you right. You got what you bargained for.. Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh?

-- elchymo (m) at 27-12-2014 11:47PM
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Old story Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
-- jaykybrain (m) at 28-12-2014 12:30AM
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This story don tey
-- scotik (m) at 28-12-2014 12:45AM
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Are u seeking for sympathy for me u will get none, married man u want to catch fun.....u r lucky that what I can say
-- confident2 (f) at 28-12-2014 02:32AM
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old story nd u people re commenting, as if, it just happen now Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
-- Chericoco (f) at 28-12-2014 02:36AM
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Ya honeypot don suffer.  Anyway thanks for sharing, it will help a sister.
-- maryclaret (f) at 28-12-2014 04:47AM
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Haba but this story isn't new...ive read this story about two years ago here. Though it teaches some good lessons, it's sha not new. Girls will never learn. Nothing good can ever come out of frolicking with another woman's husband. Those men are shameless but it could have been avoided had she played her part.

-- princeifeyco (m) at 28-12-2014 05:01AM
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Frm kaduna to lagos.
-- mensch (m) at 28-12-2014 07:40AM
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as far as we ,both men and women love´s money too much
such things are bound to happen.
your story is no different from a man traficking drugs or going stealing for money sake
-- jahboi77 (m) at 28-12-2014 09:22AM
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@ mikayah God bless u. the man even pity u. medicine after death. u are not paying bills osow free go kill u
-- ogechukwu23 (f) at 28-12-2014 10:15AM
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That's punishment u get for dating with someone husband.
-- Simms (m) at 28-12-2014 11:23AM
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Are you not an idiot - (first abuse). Second abuse is what is the point to your story? You wanted to catch you fun. You have caught your fun and now you feel bad about it because you have been treated like a slut you are. You are a slut so what. There are so many of you out there and so many will be used and abused.
-- sosiqdude (m) at 28-12-2014 01:33PM
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What a sad and sorrowful story...I just got the it will look like..

Pains and ashamed
-- BusyHorse (m) at 28-12-2014 03:10PM
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-- Larry28 (f) at 28-12-2014 03:38PM
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Nawa ooo
-- Solkun (m) at 28-12-2014 08:37PM
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This is an old story. How many times do u guys going to publish this ? Look for new stories to print or fold up.
-- kebella (f) at 28-12-2014 09:52PM
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 Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh?

-- echeeche (m) at 29-12-2014 10:16AM
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ok Sad
-- erhubeauty (f) at 29-12-2014 10:54AM
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This story is that of 2 years ago. Poster since U ve no story. Just stay mute
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