The best among plantashun boiz (Page 3)

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ladykool at 29-04-2009 10:38PM (10 years ago)
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i dont knw my mind is split between 2face nd faze- i think both of them are the best cuz blackface only God knows where he is?

nollylove at 4-05-2009 10:33PM (10 years ago)
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I like them all
jeneva at 6-05-2009 02:19AM (10 years ago)
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nnenna-1975 at 20-08-2009 12:16AM (10 years ago)
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faze all the way
Cydrick at 20-08-2009 12:23AM (10 years ago)
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..Faze * ( 2 + black + 1 ) = 2faze + blackfaze +faze...
portiphar at 21-08-2009 06:32PM (10 years ago)
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omo 2face is the most successful but faze has the best voice
Emmy4good at 30-08-2009 06:46AM (10 years ago)
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SIRROCKYFELA i have been suspecting you in all you comments in each profile, if somebody tell me that you are Tu Face their is noting to ague how then you said that Tu face is better than Face well the truth here is that all of them are talented firstly Black Face is good in writing song more than all, secondly Tu Face has a nice romantic voice more than all but Face na there baba in all. which mean Face is the best..........
queenzie at 4-09-2009 01:15PM (10 years ago)
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the 1st best plantashun boiz artist that is doin very well is 2fae
followed by faze
and blackfaceis nowhere near
SIRROCKYFELA at 7-09-2009 06:55AM (10 years ago)
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@ Emmy4good if someone tells me u are a tuface hater i wont argue... Am a fan 4 ur info a big one of gud music. I luv plantashun boiz, but minus sentiments here look at what u wrote.. Blackface is a better song writer which i agree and tuface has d golden voice which is very true but wat does faze have that makes him baba? PLs the only baba is 2baba. Faze i like but i dont like when u compare him to 2face cos there really is no comparism... They are both gud at what they do but right now and ever since plantashun boiz 2face has alwaiz been the better one. He was alwaiz d lead. Talk of awards 2face has it all. so i dont know wat ur criteria of making faze the best is?

Mtv europe awards
mobo awards
kora awards
mtv mama nominations 2009 he has the highest nominations, etc

il beg u to name faze's achievement.

Only people that come a lil close to him in naija is dbanj and psquare not faze.
neosha at 12-09-2009 09:18PM (10 years ago)
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faze is ma guy
i looooooove him
asaph at 29-09-2009 10:31AM (10 years ago)
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thank u for loving him
Abaka at 2-10-2009 01:15PM (10 years ago)
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Sit up Faze, make it better...
kouga at 4-10-2009 02:15PM (10 years ago)
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amiableomo at 4-10-2009 04:58PM (10 years ago)
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faze is the best no doubt.
Tryumph at 5-10-2009 11:47AM (10 years ago)
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Faze..faze..faze..Gven d oppurtunity n connectionz 2Face had,Am pretty sure Faze wldv gottn a Grammy.For sum1 strugglin 4 hmslf muscally,no pillars or lunchpads,i think FAZE's d man.
itmomoh at 8-10-2009 09:44AM (10 years ago)
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hey guys, no b vex or quarel, na opinion we dey give. come to tik of it, if nt 4 kennis musik, where 2face 4 dey, na kennis music bring d guy to lime light but for FAZE, he single handedly did everytin by himself, fine i ve both of their album, yes i must comfess there r some good songs in dat of 2faze's album but guys try to get d meanin out of a song instead of dancin to d beat first. i lik dem wen they were all 2geda but my man anywhere is FAZE. it was Africa Queen dat brought 2face to lime light which was written by Black Face n Faze alone brought faze to lime light which was written by himself. so we shdn't talk abt achivements, i'm sure if faze has d opportunity 2 baba has, he will certainly do better, so we shd go back n listen to dis songs (album) one more time not dance to d beat but listen n den decide which of d 2 is better.  d 3 r good!!!
mystro at 8-10-2009 02:37PM (10 years ago)
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check out! brand nu -9ja music on this site. ITS NEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW
princenas at 9-10-2009 08:33PM (10 years ago)
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FAZE IS MY PIMP mennnnnn..................
neossha at 10-10-2009 12:20AM (10 years ago)
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darexone at 23-05-2010 09:16AM (9 years ago)
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2face had d hit in record deal..Sprintin up 4rm african queen and made him known universally, gud hes got d voice n gud promoter buh if anyone here knows wot music is all about, talkin bout, d quality of d voice, pitch of sound n arrangement of beats, FAZE is definately d BEST tho 2face made better headway....giv both guyz a new song to sing as acapella(widout no instrument) and tell me wot happens..noffin dey haen cnt b sexy
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