A Gistmanian Narrates Horrible Experience With State Of Infrastructure In Kwara

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Well, i don’t need to introduce who the ‘true Kwarans’ are, but I want to tell you what we are suffering here in Kwara State.
Can you believe that in the area (kawu, olunlade) where I live in the capital of Kwara State which is Ilorin, we have not seen power supply for two years, that is even easy, since we can afford fuel every night.

our road
From the main road to my house is just 2 minutes drive, can you believe I drive 20 minute, because the road that leads to my home is condemned to the level that even okada (motorcycle) cannot take, not to talk of car.
Can you believe I tried applying to Kwara Poly as a Lecturer and I was told I have to get special letter, that even student get connected before they can be admitted. I was there again yesterday and they told me that from my certificates and CV, non of their lecturer can stand my experience and intellect yet I need Letter.


Right now as am typing this, I am shedding tears, because I have a cousin who graduated with first class yet he hustle to sell recharge card on street, just because they said he is not an indigene of Ilorin (yet he is from kwara, a local Government close to Ilorin)
When governor came in, in 2011, he claimed his agenda then was anti-pot hole. We didn’t Know he was actually saying he will leave the road for more damage. I had accident along offa road in 2012, due to dodging of pot hole. (My God! I wish this tears can stop rolling from my eyes) the car got totally damaged, only God saved me.

a classroom in oyun area of Ilorin, in capital of Kwara
Yes financially now, I am okay because I created a job for myself, but believe me, I am presently paying fee of many young ones around me (even thou am not married and they are not in any way related to me), because we do not have free education here, yet they go on T.V screaming there is free education. “God punish them”. This got to a level that CAN decided to take their school back because all the building of those school are destroyed even with the fact that students pay.

people aspiring for freedom

I think I should stop typing because, my hands are really shaking, am so so weak, It so hard telling people I am from Kwara State, Because once you say it, People will say, you this slave of a Family.

My sis Died may last year, a car hit the bike she was riding on, for the few days we spent in General hospital before she gave up the ghost. We had to be buying all she needed for treatment at pharmacy outside the hospital gate. in-fact it was a week of hell, because there was no toilet not to talk of bathroom, the beds were not enough, they had to put her at a corner for about 13 hours before they could get her a place. Now tell me how she wont die?
As for me, I want a new Kwara since I can not denounce the fact that I am a Real Kwaran. And the only solution I know is change, We need Change, True Change. I remain a True Kwara. A true Nigerian. this is my story, soon I will bring you another person’s experience in Kwara the state of slavery until change comes


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Heyya sowie Ooo 
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I THOT ALL APC states are performing.....how can it better when we have the SARAKIS as the owner of kwara state....sorry dear...i feel it with u.
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Na so
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Politicans are Thieves