Aggrieved Arik Air Passengers Shut Down Operations In Abuja Airport [Photo]

(m) at 31-01-2015 11:46AM (5 years ago)

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Stranded passengers, who were scheduled to travel to Ibadan by Arik Air yesterday, but were left stranded for hours by the airline shut down operations at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja, last night.

The aggrieved passengers blocked the boarding gate of the airport and did not allow Arik and other airlines to board passengers to other destinations.

One of the stranded passengers, Saka Waheed, a civil society activist, told Premium Times at about 9:30 P.M that the aborted flight was originally schedule for 3.25pm.

“Later, they came to tell us it had been changed to 4p.m. By 4 o’clock, they said flight would be 7pm. When it was 7, we were directed to enter a bus to take us to the tarmac so that we could board the plane and leave for Ibadan.

“Although we entered the bus, yet the driver later told us to get down. In short, that was the point we were told the flight had been cancelled, after we had spent over four hours at the airport,” Mr. Waheed said.

He said they could not also assess their luggage, which had already been checked in.

He complained that neither airport officials nor Arik Air staff offered them any explanation on why the flight was cancelled and how to get their luggage.

“Because of that treatment, we are not allowing anybody to travel out of Abuja until either airport officials or Arik officials come to address us,” Mr. Waheed said.

Also complaining, another passenger, Tope Oladele, said, “Well, as you can see; these people are very barbaric. They are treating us like animals. Nobody has come to explain what happened. They have left us stranded.”

Both Messrs Waheed and Oladele said there was no official at the Arik stand to attend to passengers’ complaints.

Officials of the Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria [FAAN] as well as Arik Air’s spokesperson could not be reached for comments as at the time of filing this report at 9:57 P.M.

Passengers said Arik is notorious for arbitrary flight postponement and cancellation and that they are disappointed that aviation authorities have so far failed to call the airline to order.

whizspecoy (m) at 31-01-2015 02:39PM
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Local flight problem. Too bad
Originalsly (m) at 31-01-2015 02:44PM
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Arik will do what they want to....because there are no consequences...people talk about it and do nothing. This is a good move....block all something will be done about it. Passengers need to take this kind action more often.
femjay (m) at 31-01-2015 03:05PM
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Okay !
joblock (m) at 31-01-2015 03:11PM
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That airline is just shit with time , it has happen to me twice . Same to me last year dec 25th , from 7:30am schedule flight time than later get sms of phone they have change it to 12:30pm till they didn't keep to the time, than later fly around 16:00pm. The staff can not even give reason or apologize to passengers for the delay. really shit airline with their shit time.
Ken1230 (m) at 31-01-2015 03:23PM
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Why not travel by road?
dareper (m) at 31-01-2015 03:47PM
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Too bad
Wysetots (m) at 31-01-2015 05:32PM
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angesco (f) at 31-01-2015 06:22PM
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And this is the reason why Nigerians would rather pay MORE to a foriegn airline. Arik air will one day go the same way as Nigeria Airways. The running of the airways is SHAMBOLIC!
saviourekpe (m) at 31-01-2015 07:48PM
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That is their normal xrater. Aviation Minister should arrest such anomaly, pls
kenosas (m) at 31-01-2015 08:39PM
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a nation were crime prevails is bias this is kind of things that normally happen.
beneno (m) at 31-01-2015 10:58PM
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 Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
zoe61 (f) at 1-02-2015 02:00AM
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Abubu86 (m) at 1-02-2015 07:44AM
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That's one of d problem we have in dis country,we can't just keep 2 time
Wilsonbright (m) at 1-02-2015 08:54PM
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chealseafc (m) at 2-05-2015 01:05AM
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shameless and useless ARIK.
PoliticxGuru (m) at 16-08-2015 03:28PM
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y dis time around
elchymo (m) at 23-08-2015 08:51AM
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Too bad