Finally, Nigerian Troops Bombard Sambisa Forest

5 years ago by: Mister Jay Wonder
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-- (m) at 3-02-2015 08:55AM

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As part of measures to contain and quell the Boko Haram insurgency, the military has stormed the insurgents in Sambisa Forest, their notorious hideout, according to reports from the Hausa service of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).The director of defence information, Maj-Gen Chris Olukolade, told the agency that the military had been raiding the forest and other hideouts of the sect since Tuesday night.According to the agency, the army used it war drones to level some of the Boko Haram camps in the northeast but it was not clear about the casualties on both sides. The army said that they are still committed to securing the civilian population at whatever cost.

“We are still committed in ensuring that we degrade their ability to continue their activities and eventually eliminate them,” Olukolade said. “The mission is on. There are no allowing terrorists anywhere. As many times as they come, it will only give us the opportunity to decimate them.”On Saturday, Chadian forces reclaimed the northeastern Nigerian town of Gamboru-Ngala after a heated battle with Boko Haram that involved a ground and air campaign. Gamboru-Ngala, about 145 kilometres east of Maiduguri, was captured by Boko Haram last year.A soldier involved in the operation said Chadian forces were working under the African Union agreement to help Nigeria in its fight against Boko Haram.Information made available to LEADERSHIP yesterday indicate that troops of the Nigerian Army under directive to invade Sambisa forest in Borno State with a view to end the years of Boko Haram insurgency, have started bombarding the fringes of the forest near Adamawa state.

Sources close to the area have confirmed that aerial bombardment had commenced yesterday.A soldier serving with the 7 Division, Nigeria Army, Maiduguri confirmed this development to Leadership even as he begged not to be quoted in this report.According to him, “special forces have been mobilised from different part of the country, especially the 81 battalion, to Yola over the weekend and the operation starts today (Monday).“What people may have heard or seen today may not be unconnected with the operation. They have to do the bombardment of the forest starting from the fringes before the artillery troops would begin to advance. But be rest assured that before the end of this week the forest as well as many communities under the control of Boko Haram would be reclaimed”.

The soldier said himself and most of his colleagues were happy with the resolution of the United Nations for agreeing to constitute an international joint task force to deal with the Boko Haram.

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-- misterjohn (m) at 3-02-2015 09:11AM
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A welcome development
-- edpete (m) at 3-02-2015 09:21AM
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What about doz innocents Chibok girls? Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh?
-- sweetypweety (f) at 3-02-2015 09:29AM
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Hmm campaign strategy. Y haven't they done that for d past 4 years ?
 I hope its true oooh
-- k4short2 (f) at 3-02-2015 09:46AM
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good work. up jona
-- ngfineface (f) at 3-02-2015 09:48AM
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Quote from: sweety pweety on  3-02-2015 09:29AM
Hmm campaign strategy. Y haven't they done that for d past 4 years ?
 I hope its true oooh

My thought too
-- ayogstar (m) at 3-02-2015 10:03AM
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Nice...all we want is for them to be out of d surface of the earth
-- femjay (m) at 3-02-2015 10:09AM
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This is a pure drug after death ooooo . After how many months  of yearning for the military to comb the evil forest   the power that be have to wait  till the agent of darkness relocate from the evil forest before giving the go ahead for the bombing of the forest ........
The government which is committed. To protecting her people will swing into action immediately ....... #something is fishy.....
-- echeeche (m) at 3-02-2015 10:39AM
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-- Aniagain (m) at 3-02-2015 10:43AM
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@poster, are u sure?

-- maxzy277 (m) at 3-02-2015 11:12AM
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I have no idea of what this is all about.
-- emmanuelokek (m) at 3-02-2015 11:24AM
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gud 2 hear
-- proly (f) at 3-02-2015 12:13PM
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Gud guud gud
-- brightdaniel (m) at 3-02-2015 12:56PM
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Why haven't they done that since donkey years ago? I hope all these (talked) are not fake or is campaingn stragegy. Is ONLY GOD knows all opened and hidden..........
-- x-avier (m) at 3-02-2015 01:45PM
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I'm quite surprised that we don't have enough weapons to secure out territories but we have enough to go and keep peace (puck nose) in other countries.
How many peace keeping missions have we led in Africa?
Abi na wetin finish our ammo be that?
-- zoe61 (f) at 3-02-2015 02:10PM
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at last
-- ahmedmedal (m) at 3-02-2015 03:35PM
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Well done boyz Roll Eyes
-- ifyreal (m) at 3-02-2015 06:29PM
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Let see what nxt
-- OmoOdua2014 (m) at 3-02-2015 07:57PM
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A welcome and strategic development. These operation should have been carried out long time ago and I think it's about time Nigerian government put all these old weaponry into  recycle and opt for the Modern equipment. Also Nigerian military needs a welfare upgrade to boost their moral and life insurance too. These is just the simple fact that makes America have the best soldier in the world and people wants to be An America soldier because of the benefit and insurance. I think these measures should be implemented in Nigeria too
-- dareper (m) at 3-02-2015 08:40PM
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Good news
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