Its 6 Weeks Of Vacuous Bunkum! Angry Patrick Obahiagbon ReactsTo Election Shift

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«§» 8 February 2015

Former member of the House of Representatives and current Chief of Staff to the Edo State Governor, Hon. Patrick Obahiagbon has noted that the postponement of the 2015 polls is a slap on the collective senses of Nigerians.

INEC Chairman refuted claims on Saturday that the postponement is due to low distribution of PVC cards but it is however over the concerns security situation.
“68.2 percent of PVCs collected in Borno, 78 percent in Gombe, 74 percent in Yobe, Adamawa 80 percent. Nobody is forcing us to take this decision,” Jega said.
Asked what would happen if the security situation does not improve, Jega had this to say: “We hope and pray that the security situation improves. The constitution gives at least 30 days for the elections to be held before the handover date”.

Nigeria’s Independent National Electoral Commission boss Attahiru Jega said he had been told troops would not be available to help patrol the ballot because they would be fighting Boko Haram militants in the north-east.
The presidential and National Assembly elections will now be held on March 28, while gubernatorial and State House of Assembly on April 11 instead.

Mr. Obahiagbon took to Twitter after the announcement to express his displeasure:

“This a script being played out …”

“It’s been weeks since we first heard..”

“APC said it, AP carried it today… Here is the confirmation…”

“Have to stress it is neither INEC nor Jega’s fault…”

“This is not just an affront on the democratic process, or a golden promise but a slap on the collective senses of Nigerians… The goal post has been shifted…”

“These are not partisan tweets …”

“Not expecting everyone to be rational about this but take a step back and think before you @ me…”

“Don’t even get me started about our much vaunted Security Services and their selective capabilities…”

“The Good news here being that the Boko Haram threat will be dealt with now …”

AP didn’t pluck the news from the air.. They were clearly informed before you…

A further 6 weeks of Vacuous bunkum from Pepper Soup joint objugators…

It was a great time, the short era of disaster euphoria, for nothing enhances pleasures and blocks guilt like a looming cataclysm...

-- sweetypweety Online (f) at 8-02-2015 06:54AM
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Wow so he can speak in a little simple English. Thank God! Now I just need to Google vacuous bunkum
-- Ttelie (m) at 8-02-2015 07:04AM
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Nigeria I hail thee
-- victorstic1 (m) at 8-02-2015 12:05PM
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-- dickman2 (m) at 8-02-2015 12:22PM
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the madness don start again..
-- danielsony (m) at 8-02-2015 12:58PM
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 Lips Sealed Lips Sealed Lips Sealed
-- beneno (m) at 8-02-2015 01:03PM
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 Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
-- bamilok2008 (m) at 8-02-2015 01:09PM
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We Shall see d end
-- bobsolo1 (m) at 8-02-2015 07:57PM
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Well said you are right ,they are all Vacuous Bunkum. Lack of Intelligence. All hands are on Deck
-- jones_frido (m) at 8-02-2015 09:36PM
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nice one my political role model
-- giftmurphy (f) at 8-02-2015 09:49PM
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Quote from: sweety pweety on  8-02-2015 06:54AM
Wow so he can speak in a little simple English. Thank God! Now I just need to Google vacuous bunkum
Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy, m weak tooo!!! Shocked
-- orji1234 (f) at 8-02-2015 11:54PM
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Obasanjo is now crying. I love this.
-- kebella (f) at 9-02-2015 12:17AM
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Quote from: sweety pweety on  8-02-2015 06:54AM
Wow so he can speak in a little simple English. Thank God! Now I just need to Google vacuous bunkum
Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin

-- paulsmit (m) at 9-02-2015 01:02AM
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Nigeria is a very and number  corrupted country in the world and this election  is an example of it.  If you cannot deal with Boko  H. in over a year, are you telling me that you will indeed wipe them out in just 6weeks. The election is postponed for none other reasons other than corruption period.
-- Dondube (m) at 9-02-2015 02:48AM
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Patric    Is.  A. Fool. With.  All. Of. His.  English.    He.  Did. Not. Have. Common.  Sense. , shame. To. Him , his. Time. Maybe. Over. In. Nigeria. Politics
-- Nicksam (m) at 9-02-2015 09:00AM
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-- Oways (m) at 9-02-2015 10:08AM
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The man relax a bit this time
-- ecd201 (m) at 9-02-2015 03:50PM
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This clown found a wrong calling in politics, his actual place should be in the circus thrilling children with his funny trousers and painted nose.
-- AdikpeReturn (m) at 9-02-2015 04:03PM
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1. Lacking meaningful content
2. Showing a lack of thought or intelligence; vacant

Every word this man speaks has a meaning:

1. (slang) Senseless talk; nonsense; a piece of nonsense
2. Any bombastic political posturing or an oratorical display not accompanied by conviction;

1. A suddent, violent event
2. (geology) A sudden and violent change in the earth's crust
3. A great flood
-- kiki30 (m) at 9-02-2015 04:29PM
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 a final despairing shout from a humanist for whom architecture is too often vacuous bunkum
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