Soldiers Invade Secondary School After Officer's Student Was Lover was Punished

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Pandemonium broke lose as some men of the Nigeria Army from the 31 Artillery Brigade on Tuesday invaded the Hill Top Model Secondary School, Minna, the Niger State capital.

The army officer and his subordinates invaded the school few hours after the students’ daily assembly, holding teachers and students hostage. They disrupted academic activities for the whole day. They whisked away a student believed to be an officer’s girlfriend.

It was gathered that the officers and men who stormed the school premises were armed with AK 47
riffles. They arrived in a Mitsubishi Hilux pickup, with registration number: 31 AB 035 NA.

The Eagle Online further gathered that the soldiers came on the invitation of one Umar Alhassan, a civilian, who happens to be a friend of one of the Army officers who removed the tags bearing their names because of their “unofficial” presence in the school.

A teacher with the school, Mohammed Mamud said that at about 8am, Alhassan, wearing military fatigue, drove into the school in a black Nissan Jeep, with registration number: Niger AA 551 KUG.
Mamud said Alhassan came on the invitation of one Farida Mustapha, a Senior Secondary School female student of the school, who was punished by a teacher over an offence.

He explained that the teacher was having a lesson with Farida’s class when an unknown student used an abusive language. And since nobody owned up to the misbehaviour, the teacher punished the whole class, including Farida.

The teacher confirmed that Alhassan came to the school to intimidate the teacher over the general punishment involving his girlfriend, Farida.

Also speaking, the Principal of the School, Bala Mohammed, said:

    “Umar Alhassan drove into the school in a reckless way.
    “We thank God that the students were not on break, else he would have knocked at least one down.
    “I cannot talk to journalists now until I get permission from the state Commissioner for Education, Alhaji Danladi Abdulhameed.
    “But I have invited the Zonal Inspector and he is on the way to the school to see things for himself.”

When the Zonal Inspector, Mohammed Gambo, arrived, he told newsmen that he was at the school to investigate the incident before briefing them.

According to Gambo: “We will do our best to get to the root of the matter, I assure you.”
The army officers and men who refused to talk to journalists hurriedly put Alhassan in their vehicle and drove away.

All efforts to reach the Public Relations officer of the 31 Artillery Brigade of the Nigeria Army, Minna proved abortive. His phone was not going through as at the time of filing this report, reports online news portal, The Eagle Online.

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Under wear tinz get power ooooooh hahahhahahahahahah
-- Majfvy (f) at 24-02-2015 09:05PM
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Make dem go fight boko rams, dia mates r dyin 2 keep d country free from bh they r der fightin 4 girl.
-- Giftous1 (f) at 24-02-2015 09:41PM
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Strength of a punnany
-- Nyakinic (m) at 24-02-2015 10:26PM
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Shame on the Nigerian military
-- fdkenny (f) at 24-02-2015 10:31PM
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Mtcheeew...... Na bcos of uniform nd gun, if not all d student sud av gang up nd beat d hell out of u soldiers.
-- dareper (m) at 24-02-2015 10:34PM
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Power of honeypot.  Bastards!!!  Na honeypot go kill u
-- zoe61 (f) at 24-02-2015 10:37PM
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-- Ken1230 (m) at 24-02-2015 11:43PM
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How old is a secondary school girl to have start love making with a man?
-- royalsam450 (m) at 25-02-2015 12:19AM
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This one na small u nover see were two  soldiers dey stab them self because of honeypot u go cry for the them fit kill there comander because of honeypot Roll Eyes
-- EmekaBlue (m) at 25-02-2015 03:10AM
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i came here to read make una go fight boko...i don c am..Nigerians so predictable
-- Soso356 (f) at 25-02-2015 06:14AM
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That's madness,is school BOKOHARAM the army are to fight? Let the army also fight shekau
-- beneno (m) at 25-02-2015 08:18AM
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 Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
-- dejaiiro (m) at 25-02-2015 09:47AM
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I cant believe the Government will allow these so called soldiers abuse our army uniform, your mates are facing war, u are fighting over honeypot...smh   Angry Angry Angry
-- Wilsonbright (m) at 25-02-2015 09:57AM
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yeye dey smell
-- Kristiantus (m) at 25-02-2015 10:07AM
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Quote from: Wilsonbright on 25-02-2015 09:57AM
yeye dey smell
i tell u.... very smelly yeye tinz...
-- Larry28 (f) at 25-02-2015 10:43AM
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-- Ritabrenice (f) at 25-02-2015 10:58AM
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-- echeeche (m) at 25-02-2015 01:10PM
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 Shocked Shocked
-- x-avier (m) at 25-02-2015 03:20PM
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What else do you expect from someone who only requires 9marks out of 400 (about 2.25%) to pass his common entrance exams into secondary school?
He doesn't realize why he's wearing the uniform,so he would flee at the first sight of boko haram.
That's why they're being court maartialed daily.
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