Osun State Workers Protest Against State Government Over Unpaid Salaries

Published 4 years ago by: CLARA JANCITA
at 10-03-2015 04:52PM (4 years ago)

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According to reports ,  Osun State workers are protesting against the State Government over their unpaid salaries. Their salaries have not being paid for 4 months for junior workers and 5 months for senior workers. These angry workers gathered  at Fakunle Comprehensive High School early this morning in preparation for their protest -blocking the main Olaiya Junction of Osogbo.

Larry28 at 10-03-2015 04:56PM (4 years ago)
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bayonel3 at 10-03-2015 05:05PM (4 years ago)
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5 months!!!... what do they expect them to live on?... this country is very funny... how can you owe someone a months salary not to talk of 5 months..sometimes I feel we enjoy our suffering sometimes. because something should have snapped but we'll just chill there like fela said suffering and smiling
echeeche at 10-03-2015 05:17PM (4 years ago)
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Corruption every where in this nation
misterjohn at 10-03-2015 05:27PM (4 years ago)
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The moneys are being used for campaign
Gold777 at 10-03-2015 05:49PM (4 years ago)
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Who ask u people to vote for him (apc) I guess una want hear change dat will bring darkness
sweetestdude at 10-03-2015 06:46PM (4 years ago)
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And yet de move around for campaigns. God de c una o!
zeigbo at 10-03-2015 08:59PM (4 years ago)
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aragbesola don take their money go do juju yeye people

chealseafc at 10-03-2015 10:13PM (4 years ago)
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that is the CHANGE they asked for. why complaining?.
beneno at 11-03-2015 12:31AM (4 years ago)
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 Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
Abubu86 at 11-03-2015 07:05AM (4 years ago)
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So disappointed with Aregbe
tmaxdon at 11-03-2015 09:16AM (4 years ago)
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You should all remember that the allocation for each state has been drastically reduced by the Federal Government because the country is broke or let me say because of some austerity measures in the biggest economy in Africa where crude sale in the Period of 4-5 years summed up to 469 Billion dollar but no savings.For example, River state's allocation used to be around 20 Billion Naira but over the period of 11 months or so it was reduced to 12 Billion Naira and at the moment less than that. Rotimi Amaechi was able to pay workers' salaries because of the high IGR (Internal Generated Revenue) in River state...That is the part of the Austerity measures taken by the FG. Though, the governors of the states involved do not have any excuse for not paying salaries,they also have problems of accountability.Some other states are still owing  ..Delta state is still owing some teachers' salaries, as at December about 11 states couldn't pay salaries..
tmaxdon at 11-03-2015 09:20AM (4 years ago)
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Nigeria's Economy on the Brink   ( Read the news yourself and inform yourself.)
climax_man at 16-04-2015 08:39AM (4 years ago)
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Deceit governor..