Nigerian Military Liberates Headquarters of Boko Haram, Gwoza (PHOTOS) (Page 2)

Published On: March 27, 2015, 12:48 pm
Author: Giwa bayo
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-- chealseafc (m) at 27-03-2015 09:34PM
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Quote from: femjay on 27-03-2015 01:40PM
Gwoza liberated and recaptured yet no pictures , no shekau , no chibok girls. Just statement GWOZA is LIBERATED and RECAPTURED . In order to Vote GEJ ... : it is callous wicked and heartbreaking that we allowed boys running on motorbikes with Dane gun bows and arrows to drag our nation into cesspit of violence and Hell it went through in the last 6 years when all that was required was a determined and objectives mind to roof them up ........

All this last minutes action film in the name of elcetion what was the government doing since .........

We are celebrating something that shouldn't have happened in the first instant 20, 000 souls lost , over 100,000 internally displaced , billions in properties and farmland / produce wasted and some useless dumb souls are shouting GEJ till 2019 this is a news worthy of celebrating......

God rest the souls of all who passed on just because the leadership of the country failed them .....

Difficult to reason this GEJ Administration allowed Shekau had a field day molesting, killing and destroyed just to satisfy their corrupt and political goals

God punish all those who used the blood of the dead to further their objectives   

o boy you wicked oh. instead of you to #supportourmilitary, you are here politicizing this kind of issue.
bad belle go kill you.
-- sweetestdude (m) at 27-03-2015 10:00PM
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Political propaganda... All has bin arranged from onset.
-- Judah1 (m) at 27-03-2015 10:29PM
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Our prayers go to the families of those who lost their love ones  in this phoney war against few terrorists for 6 years. Damn to Jonathan & pdpigs who extend this stupid war for political reasons.
-- beneno (m) at 27-03-2015 11:03PM
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 Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
-- eoadex2003 (m) at 27-03-2015 11:25PM
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Election eve propaganda.
-- mensch (m) at 28-03-2015 07:55AM
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never again
welldone mr president.
welldone our able army
-- Nicksam (m) at 28-03-2015 09:11AM
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-- enocentino (m) at 28-03-2015 11:04AM
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Pls Oooo let me ask dis question why on till dis time dint the Nigeria Militerry nw d, way to gwoza b4 nw? Anyway thank God 4d peace we hv tu day?
-- yadeolah (m) at 28-03-2015 11:21AM
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Never again, nice slogan.
-- koboko1 (m) at 28-03-2015 03:40PM
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Well done boy's
-- elchymo (m) at 21-08-2015 04:35PM
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Nice one there
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