I Woke Up To Find My Boss In My Bed - P.A Seeks Advice

(m) at 2-04-2015 01:16AM (5 years ago)

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Dear Bunmi,
I am a P. A. to the Managing Director of a big company and whenever we have the Annual General Meeting, we often book rooms into the venue of such meetings for effective co-ordination. A few weeks ago, we had last year’s AGM and a few of us got a bit drunk as the meeting went rather well. You can imagine how shocked I was when I woke up the next morning to find my boss in my bed! He’d been flirting with me for months even though I told him I wasn’t interested.
I don’t know if anything happened between us as he looked really smashed too and I still had some clothes on. I’m currently on leave and I’m terrified of going back to work as I have developed an itchy discharge. How can I convince my boss I’m not interested in him sexually and let him know I might have infected him? My job is on the line here!

Dear Shade,
It’s a known fact that too much alcohol and loosening of normal working restraints compels many employees to let their inhibitions go a little too much at the office party. Before the night is over, normally sensible, reserved people are letting too much hang out and getting into the kind of scrapes they’re usually lecturing their irresponsible teenagers to avoid. The office party should be viewed as an extension of the working environment and the same rule should apply.

Your boss appears to have behaved as badly as you did and is not expected to give you too hard a time when you get back to the office. However, you need to sort out this discharge you now have, no matter how embarrassing you find it. The symptoms you describe could be due to the common infection called thrush, probably brought on by the stress of the situation you currently find yourself. Whatever you do, let your boss understand what happened between you two, shouldn’t happen again.