19-Year-Old SA Girl Commits Suicide After Her Sx Tape Leaked [Photo]

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A 19-year-old South African girl, Christina Fokona, has had enough of the shame, hounding, bullying and name calling and decided to end it all by committing suicide after she overdosed on her mother's medication for high blood pressure, Times Live reports.

The deceased has been haunted by a leaked tape where she and two boys were having sex on their school grounds in 2010 when she was 15 and the boys were 14 and 16 respectively.

The two boys were both charged initially with rape but she had admitted that the sex was consensual.

All three were then charged with 'consensual sexual penetration' under the 2007 Criminal Law, which made consensual sexual acts between children aged 12 and 15 a crime. The charges were later dropped after the teenagers joined a diversion programme.

After the video scandal, Christina moved to two different schools because children made fun of her.

For Christina, the trauma of the incident and the criminal case was too much to bear, coupled with the way she was being treated afterwards and she ended it all last week.

Christina's sister, Bridgette Nzama, said that her family thought she was fine until she committed suicide.

Her mother, Mandisa, was the last person to see her alive.

The last SMS Christina sent to her sister was:

"Thank you my sister for everything you have done for me."

Nzama had supported her sister during the court case, which was 'very stressful.'

"I ended up leaving my job so that I could go to court with her and support her. There were journalists everywhere and she didn't want to talk.

She didn't want to go outside or go anywhere."

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from frying pan to fire
-- Wysetots (m) at 17-04-2015 06:40PM
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South Africa ba ? Make she go answer Baba God
-- bamilok2008 (m) at 17-04-2015 07:36PM
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Too bad
-- SOGaiya (m) at 17-04-2015 07:59PM
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Indeed 4m frying pan 2 fire go n tel God
-- civictayo4great (m) at 17-04-2015 08:46PM
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Stupid SA people , i don't care
-- Ouch1212 (f) at 17-04-2015 09:10PM
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Passing with speed
-- Anny01 (m) at 17-04-2015 09:43PM
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Moving away from the country would ve been the best option, not suicide.
-- Esty4life (f) at 17-04-2015 09:50PM
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what a pity
-- praizone (m) at 17-04-2015 09:56PM
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sorriment Cry Cry Cry Cry
-- climax_man (m) at 17-04-2015 10:05PM
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She destroyed d precious life God gave her and she would explain y she did it to God
-- chealseafc (m) at 18-04-2015 12:24AM
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to hell with south african story.
very LAZY set of people.
-- chealseafc (m) at 18-04-2015 12:24AM
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to hell with south african story.
very LAZY set of people.
-- aroroghene (f) at 18-04-2015 04:07AM
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na waoh i cant just immagine what some of my fellow girls derive  from having sex with two boys at the same time
-- Tonybyt (m) at 18-04-2015 07:24AM
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 Lips Sealed  wages of sin
-- Nicksam (m) at 18-04-2015 10:23AM
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