Money Wise: 5 Ways To Cut Costs And Save More Money In Nigeria

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Earning money is sweet. In fact, only few things could be more gladdening than receiving one's due paycheck at the end of each month or completed project.

However, it's sad to see the money melting down with only little to show for it. Yet, that is what happens to many Nigerians - they really cannot justify their huge spending.

Here are 5 ways to cut costs and save money in Nigeria:

1. Comparing prices

While Nigerians have the innate tendency to buy the first product or service they stumble on, giving in to this could have detrimental effects on one's finances. Taking time to compare prices from similar providers is a smart way to save money, as it makes one aware of cheaper options.

2. Targeting promos and discount offers

Most Nigerian businesses, especially stores and e-commerce platforms run promos at certain times of the year, such as Christmas, Easter, Black Friday, New Year, etc. One can save a lot of money by targeting these promos because products are sold for far cheaper than their regular prices.

3. Buying high quality stuff

Though high quality products might be expensive when compared with substandard alternatives, they save a lot of money in the long-term. While a good quality product can continue to work perfectly for several years, a substandard product can start incurring additional costs of repair and maintenance after a few months. And this can be far more expensive in the long term.

4. Doing more at home

Another smart way to save money is to start handling certain tasks at home rather than paying for them. For example, eating food cooked at home is always far cheaper than eating out. Similarly, rather than pay weekly for laundry, buying a laundry machine and doing one's laundry at home is a smarter, cheaper idea.

5. Think twice

Nigerians tend to buy things on impulse. And this habit ruins finances quickly. So, thinking twice before buying any advertised product or service can help save a lot of money. Most people realize that what they bought was unnecessary only after parting with their money. To avoid such buyer regrets, it is necessary to check whether a product or service is actually needed before purchasing it.

By implementing these tips, Nigerians will be able to live better on their salaries and save more.

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Nice write up but my dear some salaries are unsaveable. Imagine a woman with two kids aged 26 and 9 months respectively with a monthly salary of 25K. After removing transport to work for d upper month, the balance is hardly enough to take care of d kids not to talk of savings
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Nice piece