Nigerians Lose N84m To Xenophobic Attacks In South Africa

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The Nigerian Union in South Africa said on Saturday that Nigerians lost more than 4.6 million Rand (N84 million) to xenophobic attacks.

The President of Nigerian Union in South Africa, Mr Ikechukwu Anyene, told NAN on phone from Pretoria, South Africa, that the losses were initially put at 1.2 million Rand ( N21 million).

“The Nigerian Union in South Africa has completed documentation of the losses suffered by Nigerians to xenophobic attacks.

“Nigerians lost more than 4.6 million Rand or N84 million during the attacks.

“A mechanic workshop owned by a Nigerian in Jeppes, near Johannesburg, for example was completely burnt with 11 cars inside it.

“The loss is put at more than one million Rand or N20 million,” he said.

Anyene said the Union had compiled the losses and given the list to Nigeria’s Consul-General to South Africa.

He said Nigerian victims of the attacks needed urgent assistance to re-settle because many had lost their means of livelihood.

“The Consul-General has travelled to Nigeria and we appeal to the Federal Government to do something urgent to assist Nigerians affected by the attacks.

“We have made representations to the Federal government.

“We are also hoping that working with the South African government, there will be a way to compensate the affected Nigerians so as to enable them go back to their normal lives.

“The tension is less now. The South African government has come out in full force to check the attacks,” he said.

Anyene said the losses suffered by Nigerians were in the form of vandalised mechanic workshops, burnt mechanic workshops, looted shops as well as stolen and burnt cars.

“More than 50 Nigerians were displaced during the attacks. The Union has assisted them to return home.

“The Union is also planning to assist a family to move to a new accommodation because the present home is not safe,” he said.

He said the Union carried out a proper documentation of the attacks, with pictures and other relevant documents stored to capture the incidents.

kelvinty (m) at 27-04-2015 08:26PM
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Una nor de go house befor una de move to another safe house ,ok them go pay una ur lost but you guys are making som nigerian angry they said go homeu guys shouls go home,nawa ooo
beneno (m) at 27-04-2015 08:28PM
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 Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
discollins (m) at 27-04-2015 09:52PM
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Too bad!!!
elchymo (m) at 27-04-2015 11:10PM
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Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
kelemann (m) at 27-04-2015 11:49PM
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I beg make una leave these South Africans alone joor. We know wat dey did is wrong but this xenophobia still dey for Naija well well. Wen one governor expatriated some non indigenes from his state, wet in be dat one. Let's face the xenophobia at home first.
PoliticxGuru (m) at 28-04-2015 06:10AM
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 Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked
angesco (f) at 28-04-2015 07:42AM
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With the death of Nelson Mandela we ALL knew in our hearts that one day this will happen!
hylink (m) at 28-04-2015 07:52AM
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Abeg this is a lie I live in south Africa the lost not as much as they claimed
Nicksam (m) at 28-04-2015 08:56AM
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 Grin Grin Grin Grin
echeeche (m) at 28-04-2015 12:26PM
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Nawoo oh
ngfineface (f) at 28-04-2015 04:11PM
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People just talk and write shit. How many Nigerians are doing so well in SA as to loose such an amount? How many of them are doing something tangible in SA? This SA kwa? When I saw the number of Nigerians when on a visit to a prison in Pictoria I wept. They should all come back home abeg. Its time they stopped deceiving themselves that they are abroad. Come to think of it is SA obodo oyibo? Its just an African country like Togo.
ngfineface (f) at 28-04-2015 04:13PM
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Quote from: hylink on 28-04-2015 07:52AM
Abeg this is a lie I live in south Africa the lost not as much as they claimed

I am even so sure they lost nothing. I know SA inside out and its only those that have not been there that can be easily deceived.