I’ve Always Known I’ll Be Successful - Kiss Daniel

Date: 02-05-2015 3:11 am (9 years ago) | Author: Victor A. Ofoma
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To say that fast rising artiste, Oluwatobiloba Daniel Sikiru Anidugbe aka Kiss Daniel took the music industry by storm with the release of his hit track, “Woju” will be an understatement. The young dude literally came out of nowhere and had the world eating out of his palms. In this interview, he reveals that even he was surprised that he could come up so fast. Excerpts…

How did music start for you?

Music started for me professionally in 2014. Although I wanted to do music while I was in school, but I had to focus on my studies then. However, I believe that God’s time is the best, and God’s time was when I graduated from the university. Shortly after that, I got signed to a label, and I decided to give it a trial. Like I always tell people, I initially wanted to be a banker, then I wanted to become a medical doctor, but I eventually studied Mechanical Engineering. I was always writing songs while in school, and I decided to give music a try.

Did you face discouragement from friends or family?

Some people think music is a waste of time, but I think every artiste goes through that phase where people try to discourage you. Some of them would say you won’t be paid well for shows, but those people are actually part of the success story. Even some of my colleagues tried to dissuade me, but now, they’re the same ones who will say, ‘You see, I told you music was your way.’ All thanks to God though.

What inspired the song “Woju?”

I wrote “Woju” three years ago while I was still in school. It was actually inspired by some songs that I’d listened to by the likes of 2face and the Plantashun Boiz, 9ice, Oritse Femi, and others.

How did you come about the collaboration with Davido and Tiwa Savage?

I give God all the glory because everything that I am today can be traced back to Him. The truth is that Tiwa Savage and Davido are very busy people. They are hardworking, and always on the move. To have them on the track wasn’t easy in the sense that they had to sacrifice a lot for me, and I’m really grateful to them for that. It was awesome having them on the remix of “Woju” and I loved it. Working with them was really cool, and they came through for the video shoot as well. A lot of people have their opinion about the song and its lyrics, but it’s all about business and putting the name and the song out there more. Imagine when fans of Tiwa Savage and Davido go on Google to search for information about them and the song comes up, that helps me as an artiste to push my career further. About the acceptance of the song; both the original and remix, I’m just grateful to God. I’m also surprised because I never expected it. I was actually thinking it would take me years, because I’m still new in the industry, and I don’t know anybody. Even my label is new, but I guess God just wanted us to come out like that.

Some people feel that you are lazy, and don’t want to drop new songs?

Trust me, I have over 100 recorded songs. I’ve been working since 2014; “Woju” is just my baby. Everything is all about time; I don’t want to drop a song that wouldn’t make an impact. I’m an artiste, as well as a businessman. I’m definitely going to be dropping another song and video after “Woju.” Trust me, you’re all going to love it because it’s a great song. I’ll be doing a few collaborations this year as well.

It’s music for life for me, and I’m never opting out. I can’t imagine myself dressed in a suit and tie, sitting behind a desk, and counting money. Ever since I was little, I’ve known that all you have is all you need. All you need to be successful is all you have; if you don’t have it, you don’t need it.

Did you ever envisage that you would become a successful music artiste?

Growing up, I’ve always known that I have all it takes to be successful. At some point, I thought music would be difficult because we have a lot of talent in the country. But then I went back to the Bible and read that time and chance works for all. I believe it’s not about how fast you are. I thought about a lot of things, and I said if it is my time, it will definitely be my time. And trust me, it was very easy. I just went to the studio the normal way artistes go to the studio and told my producer, DJ Coublon about the song I wanted to record. He recorded the song, and added live guitar to it. I would say I had it good, all thanks to God and that is because it is my time.

I want to live fine with all the fancy accessories like wrist-watches, shoes and shirts, but the most important thing is to invest fine because I have a feeling my kids will be like me. I’m a very stubborn person, and my kids deserve to live a good life, like travelling abroad to study and things like that. I don’t really care about the type of car I drive because I’m not a flashy kind of a guy I don’t know why but my fans love me, but they do, so I’m cool.

How would you describe your kind of music?

I do Afro-centric music, that’s my genre. One thing I try to do differently is that I mix old sounds and new sounds together. Music is developing and we have this new school sound that everybody is crazy about. But what people are forgetting is that there is this old sound as well that everybody was once crazy about. I listen to music all the time, especially the old school sounds of people like King Sunny Ade, Micheal Jackson and others. I then try to mix it with the new school sound, and that’s how I came up with “Woju.”

What will you say is your music signature?

My signature is ‘On School’ music, a type of sound that will make you remember the past, and also look forward to the future.

When it comes to fashion, what’s your style?

I love matching colours, either black-on-black, or white-on-white.

Which producers will you like to work with?

I will love to work with DJ Coublon over and over again, Dee Tunes, and of course, Don Jazzy.

How do you handle your female fans?

I love my fans, and I treat them with respect.

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?

In five to ten years from now, Kiss Daniel is going to be where God and his hard work will put him. That’s where I’m going to be, and that’s where I want to be.

Last words to your fans and people who want to be like you?

Be patient while doing the right thing. Nothing good comes easy, so you really need to have patience.

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