Driver And Conductor Pelt Policemen With Faeces While Fighting In Imo State

Published On: May 6, 2015, 9:27 pm
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A weird drama unfolded, yesterday in Imo state, at the ever-busy Control Post, close to Maria Assumpta Catholic Cathedral, Owerri, as a commercial vehicle driver and his conductor pelted policemen with faeces.

An eyewitness told Vanguard that a policeman flagged down the commercial driver for allegedly driving recklessly, after which a war of words ensued between them.
The man recounted:

    “The policeman eventually gave the driver a slap and the driver retaliated immediately.”

The eyewitness said the developing drama attracted the attention of other policemen on the beat, who
quickly pounced on the driver and his conductor.

The policemen, it was gathered, called for reinforcement. The additional hands did everything possible to subdue the driver and his conductor, who were already half Nood at that point.
The eyewitness said:

    “The drama took a different shape when the duo pulled off what remained of their torn trousers, defecated, scooped the faeces with their hands and splashed the mess on the faces of some of the policemen.”

He said the strange act forced every person around the scene, including the policemen, to scamper for safety, while the battered driver and his conductor were scavenging for more faeces to further pelt their attackers with.

    “As the confusion continued, the driver and his conductor quickly jumped into their vehicle and disappeared before other security teams arrived.”

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Lawless state  Huh?
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Wonders shall never end
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wahala everywhere
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Hahahahaha, oga eeeee.  Buhari must hear this
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Imo Na APC state change don start from there.
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Hmmn... Smart dudes!!

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Slap me ah slap you..... God no go vex!!!!
Beat me ah shit you.......God no go vex!!!!
Police me ah stone you....God no go vex!!!
Take off ah Zoom off......God no go vex!!!!
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hahaha! Badt guys
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Lobatan Smiley Smiley Smiley Smiley
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Imo state is so messed up.