"Yes; Nollywood Actresses Sleep With Producers To Get Movie Roles” – Mary Uche Confesses

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This is what upcoming Nollywood actress Mary Uche said about the challenges she and many other ladies are facing in Nollywood today Challenges are everywhere.
 I wouldn’t say it is just me going through challenges. Sometimes you look at the industry and you feel sad. You know this is your passion and you know why you came into the industry but all of a sudden, you see some people that you know are not just good and have no business acting getting all the roles especial­ly at auditions. Then you keep asking yourself ‘what’s up?’ But the truth is that some of them, like they say, offer money.

Others offer their bodies, that is just it. And then you see yourself lagging behind. But I still believe that when you know who you are, you will stick to your guns and remain focused. I keep telling people that staying focused is key. You also need to know what you can do and be prayerful.

freethinker (m) at 24-05-2015 03:18PM
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una business
Ken1230 (m) at 24-05-2015 04:42PM
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Nollywood girls are ashawos
echeeche (m) at 24-05-2015 06:35PM
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Who cares
ogechukwu23 (f) at 24-05-2015 06:45PM
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How many have slept with u Uche?
SOGaiya (m) at 24-05-2015 07:39PM
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Like I Care
Paulevery (m) at 24-05-2015 07:43PM
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Your speech or ur talk  is not cleared, the questions is' Are you a victim of this circumstances? Say d  truth and let the devil respect ur being, dont cut grass for me here.
XTnote (m) at 24-05-2015 07:51PM
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As if we don't know
HOPEA23 (f) at 24-05-2015 10:15PM
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We know before na..all these small small igbo girls..wa won become famous by all means

sweetestdude (m) at 24-05-2015 10:20PM
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Na today? E don tayyyyyy. Dis no b news again Na.
mensch (m) at 25-05-2015 08:17AM
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not only in Nigeria,but also all over the world
SkyClimber (m) at 25-05-2015 09:00AM
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Can't only imagine...........
dickman2 (m) at 25-05-2015 10:49AM
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na them them..nollywood is all about sex...if u no open legs...nothing for u ..ashawo by style..
dickman2 (m) at 25-05-2015 10:53AM
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me too ..don sleep with 18 nollywood actresse,,if not 20..just look good and get money  and good car...them go phyuk ..even phyuk and her friend together..no wahala..
dickman2 (m) at 25-05-2015 10:55AM
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them love dick...but very active one..
Oways (m) at 25-05-2015 11:47AM
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Na today yansh they back
winace (f) at 25-05-2015 01:23PM
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Na today?
beneno (m) at 25-05-2015 05:08PM
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