OPC Leader Arrested For Kidnapping His Boss In Ondo State [Photo]

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Micheal Oladun, age 52, the leader of the ethnic militia group known as the Oodua Peoples Congress (OPC), Ondo State chapter, has been arrested by police ‎for kidnapping.

Mr. Oladun, who claims to be the 'Governor' of the militia group in the State, was apprehended yesterday for allegedly kidnapping his former boss, identified as Tayo Alao.

SaharaReporters correspondent reported that Tayo Alao was the former Governor of the OPC for Ondo State before he was sacked for embezzling funds.

The Police Commissioner in the State, Isaac Eke, who paraded Oladun and two other OPC members - Rafiu Alao and Adesamoye David - in front of journalists in Akure, disclosed ‎that the suspects conspired to kidnap their former leader for ransom.

Eke revealed that the trio tied-up one of their co-conspirators, Rafiu Alao, and forcefully made him to swear to an oath in a river that he would never report the incident to the police.

He added that the suspects were arrested after the police obtained information that some hoodlums have kidnapped their boss.

In a confession, Micheal Oladun told SaharaReporters that his gang didn't actually kidnap their former boss, but that they were trying to threaten him to return their funds.

He detailed how the former OPC governor, Tayo Alao, embezzled funds allocated to him by the group, adding that this led to his immediate removal from the position.

"As a result of the sit-tight syndrome, Mr. Alao decided not to leave the position despite relieving him of it. He still moves about calling himself the Governor of the group in the State.

"About ten thousand people from the group who were mostly from Ilaje and Ese Odo areas of the State gave him the sum of ₦10,000 each for the pipeline security form, to collect on our behalf but he squandered the fee. He didn't even remit the money to the group's account.

"We also gave him ₦1,500 as an Identity Card (ID) fee‎, imagine, this is the same man that has nothing when he came to Ondo State, but now, he is riding in posh vehicles and has two wives.

"We want him and demand for the return of our money which is almost ₦10 million but unfortunately he attacked us with his boys armed with charms, clubs, and we have to fight back.

"He has a lot of fraud in his neck. Alao collected money from pipeline security, identity card fees, oath taking fees, and a Governor's signature fee from all of us but he embezzled all the money", he said.

He, however, revealed how the founder of the OPC handpicked him as the new Governor of the group in Ondo State after Alao was asked to leave the position.

"Fredrick Fasehun [OPC Founder] gave me the Governor of the OPC in Ondo State on the 17th of March 2015, at an event in Lagos after Tayo Alao embezzled our money".

Meanwhile, the police said it has been under intense pressure to free the three-arrested OPC members, but vowed they would all appear in court.

"A lot of pressure has been on me, but I have vowed they would appear in court. The trio will serve as case studies for others who are planning same or has the same intention. Nobody is above the law", he said.

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