PHOTOS: Man Found Living With & Feeding The Skeletons Of Older Sister And Two Pet Dogs In His Room

Published On: June 13, 2015, 5:35 pm
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Police are investigating an Indian man who was found to be living with the skeletons of his sister and her two dogs in his bedroom, and feeding them on a daily basis.

The 44-year-old man, Partha De  – who is believed to be mentally ill – was discovered when his father, Arabinda, set himself on fire in the bathroom of their home in Kolkata, India. The skeletons were discovered when emergency services recovered the charred body of the 77-year-old man from the apartment in the south of the city, in West Bengal state.

The sister is believed to have died six months ago, and the dogs are believed to have died in August last year. DailyMail reports:
‘The man started acting abnormally towards the two policeman posted outside his flat following the death of his father. We initially thought he was uneasy due to his father’s death.’
But the man revealed that he was in fact storing his sister’s skeleton along with her two dogs’ in his
bedroom, after refusing to be separated from their bodies.
‘It appears that he had been feeding the skeletons regularly, as ample food was found next to the skeletons,’ added Deputy Police Commissioner Murlidhar.
‘We are in touch with the experts at a medical centre in order to ascertain whether his mental condition is stable or not.’
Police investigations revealed that the 47-year-old sister was a teacher, and was very fond of her two pet dogs.
‘She was greatly disturbed and had given up eating soon after the two dogs died in August last year,’ the man told police during questioning.

But the man told police that his sister’s ‘soul’ visited him for dinner every night.
‘He believed his sister was alive,’ added police.
The police have so far filed a case of ‘unnatural death’, and are considering all possibilities in the investigation. The father left a suicide note a few days before his death that insisted nobody was responsible.

Police also recovered a diary belonging to the father that is hoped to provide key details in the case. The skeletons have been sent for forensic analysis to determine how they died.

Police have registered a case against the man for ‘an act likely to spread infection of disease dangerous to life’ and ‘omission to give information to public servants about his sister’s death’.

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-- angesco (f) at 13-06-2015 06:30PM
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This is not a crime. But he does need help. Losing someone close to you is stressful.
-- beneno (m) at 13-06-2015 06:45PM
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-- proly (f) at 13-06-2015 07:01PM
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Ife neme
-- psalmo (m) at 13-06-2015 07:44PM
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How is he feeding them?
-- asobcom (m) at 13-06-2015 08:23PM
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-- JennyK95 (f) at 13-06-2015 09:19PM
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Hmmm strange
-- ladyjayrita (f) at 13-06-2015 10:43PM
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I have not heard this befor giving the death body food? The man need to be questioned very  well because their is lot of things that is going on in this world now, End time.
-- PoliticxGuru (m) at 13-06-2015 11:42PM
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this is crazy
-- waffibabe (f) at 14-06-2015 04:31AM
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He might be responsible for their death
-- DRraze (m) at 14-06-2015 05:54AM
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Ghen ghen. But oyibo people sha
-- echeeche (m) at 14-06-2015 01:02PM
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Nawao oh
-- danielsony (m) at 14-06-2015 02:28PM
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The man is mad can't u see,
-- x-avier (m) at 15-06-2015 10:38AM
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THey should have waited to see if his sister would come for dinner that evening before arresting him na.
-- dareper Online (m) at 15-06-2015 04:57PM
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-- elchymo (m) at 16-08-2015 09:41PM
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D man must be mentally deranged
-- stboy000 (m) at 3-09-2015 03:38PM
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Mental touch