Wow!Can This Happen in Nigeria? Norway's Policemen Fired Only Two Shots Last Year &No One Was Killed

at 9-07-2015 03:12PM (4 years ago)

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Police in Norway fired their guns only twice last year – and no one was hurt – new statistics which reveal the country’s low level of gun use have shown. Norwegian officers drew their weapons just 42 times in 2014, the lowest number of times in the last 12 years. Only two people were killed in police shootings in the same period.
The majority of Norway’s police, like forces in Britain, Ireland and Iceland, patrol unarmed and carry guns only under special circumstances.
Sadly, in the US, 547 people have been killed by police during the first six months of 2015 alone, 503 of them by gunshot. US police are always armed.

edpete at 9-07-2015 03:21PM (4 years ago)
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Never ever in Naija!
ngfineface at 9-07-2015 03:45PM (4 years ago)
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Their citizens should be commended and not the police. They did not fire it because there was no need for it.They would have if there was need for it. Kudos to the citizens
Kel1980 at 9-07-2015 06:46PM (4 years ago)
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I always say it Norway is place build for decent people,infact  that country is like heaven if u re not clean u won't live there,a place almost every citizen is crime free ,they live in truth and it's hard to see there citizen lying,but it can't be like heaven bcus almost all the citizen re gay
echeeche at 9-07-2015 07:16PM (4 years ago)
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what a good country
chealseafc at 9-07-2015 07:59PM (4 years ago)
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how can such thing happen in the ZOO called Nigeria?.
even fulani herdsmen has killed more than 20% of norway population this year alone.
boko haram has killed almost 30%.
beneno at 9-07-2015 08:55PM (4 years ago)
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xjiggy at 10-07-2015 12:11AM (4 years ago)
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The cold  alone react to stop crime. Which Kain crime u wan commit for  -12℃.
fearlesspaul at 10-07-2015 01:18PM (4 years ago)
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Buhari should come to Malaysia and deport all the never do well niger delta men who GEJ brought here and used to launder millions of dollars in Malaysia. students who have never passed a single course yet  Jonathan's administration kept wiring money into their accounts. $500 for accommodation, $500 for books and $700 for feeding yet nobody has ever asked for their final semester exams results. And to think that Buhari stupidly continues to send them money instead of ordering the Nigerian ambassador to Malaysia to arrange for their immediate deportation back to nigeria and fix them in both public and private universities. So much for the change.
elchymo at 14-08-2015 05:53PM (4 years ago)
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It can never happen in Nigeria