The 10 Type of People You Will Meet on a "DANFO" Bus in Lagos

4 years ago by: Giwa bayo
(m) at 23-07-2015 02:04PM (4 years ago)

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Lagos is famous for many things — for the round-the-clock hustle, whether white collar or redeye, for its crazy traffic and bustling night life, among other things. One thing that it is arguably most famous for is its flag — the bright yellow metal flag, sitting on four tyres, snaking through traffic and not forgetting to scratch any vehicle in its path; The Danfo buses.
They are furious, not necessarily fast, but furious, every single time. You see the road to your destination, they see Fury Road. BRT, El Rufai, Danfo are the most common means of transportation on the streets of Lagos. But we’re focusing on the Danfo buses. Frequent patronizers.. like us