Inspiring Story Of How Nigerian Girl, Kimberly Anyadike Conquered The World At The Age Of 15[Photos]

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 Kimberly Anyadike is born to Nigerian parents and named the first African-American teen to fly across the United States breaking a stunning and exemplary record at the age of 15. Kimberly achieved this feat in 2009. She intends to become a cardiovascular surgeon after her college education but has a passion for flying aircrafts. A cardio-vascular surgeon with a pilot’s license, what an immense achievement that would be!

Born in Los Angeles in 1994, Kimberly’s dream of flying began when she was a pre-teen (12 years old). She was inspired by a group of airmen and the first African American female to travel in space among others. She had attended lessons from the Compton-based Tomorrow’s Aeronautical Museum (TAM) run by Tuskegee Airmen Foundation, a foundation that has a history of fighting in the World War II. The foundation is made up of a group of African American pilots. Her journey into the world of piloting commenced with a 20-minute demo flight.

TAM offers aviation lessons as well as youth mentoring in a programme it organised after school hours for disadvantaged youths. The organisation assists to urge youths to embrace aviation rather than turning wayward through drugs, violence and so on.

This group of airmen officially made up the 332nd Fighter Group and the 477th Bombardment Group of the United States Army Air Corps (United States Army Air Forces after 20 June 1941). The Tuskegee 332nd Fighter Group was reported as the only operational unit first sent abroad as part of Operation Torch, then also active in Sicily and Italy, before subsequently deployed as bomber escorts in Europe where they were very successful.

Kimberly had determinedly paid her way through the lessons through several regular jobs and odd jobs. She was reported to have washed airplanes as well as done other errands to earn what was called, ‘museum dollars,’ which she traded in for flight lessons. All this she did while still focused on achieving her dream of flying. She maintained an outstanding academic record during this period which was a criterion for remaining in the programme.

And then she made Nigerians proud by flying from Compton, California to Newport News, Virginia without much technical support. The journey took her 13 days and she covered 2,342 miles using a Cessna C-172. Kimberly did not go the miles alone, she was in the company of safety pilot Ronnell Norman, a certified commercial pilot and Major Levi H. Thornhill, a retired US Air Force pilot, aged 87 and a member of the elite Tuskegee Airmen who served during the World War II.

She told the media regarding the super cross-country journey that brought her to fame that, “Flying over Texas was the most fun because there were a lot of summer rainstorms. I wasn’t scared; I’m never scared. I remained focused. And before every flight, I pray,” she had commented, hoping that her achievements would be an inspiration to other young people.

Earlier in life, Kimberly had the opportunity of engaging in other extracurricular activities such as being a junior lifeguard at Venice Beach for five years, and also learning to surf at the time. Having an interest in dancing, she had gone ahead to attend the Lula Washington Dance Academy. While she was there, she learned ballet and hip-hop and tap dance.

She was also active in church activities and took up the role of a youth leader. During that time in the church, she engaged in more learning, especially how to read music. She is also learning how to play the piano, violin and guitar.

Completing a course in Los Angeles Trade Technical College at the Saturday Science Academy at Charles Drew University, she took a variety of art courses at the Plaza De La Raza. Kimberly has also been involved in some charity work as a volunteer to feed the homeless in downtown Los Angeles while maintaining her Grade Point Average (GPA) so that she would be able to attend Stanford, Yale or Harvard University. We do hope Kimberly keeps up the fantastic work and that she would achieve all that she has lined up for her future.

This story should inspire young people in Nigeria and all over the world that the sky is not even their limit but the beginning. They can achieve all the good things they want to with prayers, focus, determination and discipline. Kimberly wishes to inspire other young people with her story and hope this story of her achievements has inspired you to go out there and succeed.

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Wasted Generation was still in Secondary school at the age of 25 and he is dreaming of wining free 10K for writting Wested genetion in 1300 and something coments. What a Wasted generation
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brave gal,go on,the sky is ur limit
DJSNIPPER (m) at 15-08-2015 01:55PM
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That is how igbos make their mark, we have always been global players and have done Nigeria proud internationally in all endervour. We hold the key to a greater Nigeria and that won't happen until Nigeria recognizes our capabilities. Kudos to my wonderful girl
ebukkkason (m) at 15-08-2015 02:10PM
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Dis girl is so ambitious n I luv dat abt her. At a very tender age she has achieved a lot already n still wanna achieve more
Fashoney (m) at 15-08-2015 02:28PM
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This is d type of image we ought to b protruding here and in d diaspora,instead of committing crime,Next please
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thank God some maggots will not call her BIAFOOL.
whenever the news is negative, its BIAFOOL,
but its positive, the he/she becomes a Nigerian.
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Wow I luv dis babe , carry go u find ur desitiny on time, no time of beating around d bush
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i even thought you have wasted all your generation!.  Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin
no vex oh.
its just because of your annoying comments sometimes.
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Lol.... U guys should allow Mr wasted generation... We are all here 2 make COMMENTs, it doesn't matta HOW MANY TIMES.....kudos 2 d girl.... Unlike some kids of nowadays....chei!
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You go girl!! Conquer d world.... D sky is ur limit
winace (f) at 15-08-2015 03:47PM
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Thank u gurl for making us proud wen others are embarrassing us wit horrible behaviours.
Amywax (f) at 15-08-2015 03:58PM
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great child
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Excellent act cos of the excellent support she got away from naija... #Rubbish generation
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Good girl. Go make us proud
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Wow brilliant! Dia are some kids with brain and ambition like dis in Nigeria, only dey don't ve d opportunity. God help us all to achieve our dreams. Go girl, God's ur strenght.
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Good news
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at least we can boost of a good thing from this useless Country
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