INSANE!!! Pastor Order Men to Rape Girl and Gouge Out Her Eyes During Deliverance

4 years ago by: Giwa bayo
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-- (m) at 24-08-2015 01:22PM

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A 16 year old girl considered to be possessed by evil spirit has been brutally molested by a group of men and then had her eyes gouged out by her sister after a local pastor asked them to rape her and gouge out her eyes before Satan could free her. The horrific attack happened in the town of General Pinedo, in the north Argentine province of Chaco. The girl, Elizabeth Juarez is now fighting for her life in hospital after the horrific ordeal. Her family said they had believed she was possessed by the devil, and were seeking to save her.
It is alleged that, at the end of the exorcism, the teenager was pinned down as her elder sister cut both her eyes out. Police have arrested the older sister, who claims the local pastor ordered her to remove her siblings’s eyes in order to help drive out the evil things her sister was seeing.  The older girl said the devil was gaining access to her sister through her visions, and it was believed that because demons are terrified of pain, the act would drive out the devil. It is understood officers are about to arrest a group of men suspected of taking part in the bizarre ritual and alleged rape. The victim has been in the intensive care unit of the Perrando de Resistencia hospital where she was transferred to be treated for her terrible injuries. Police commissioner, Pablo Almiron, said that the parents of the girl also believed she was possessed by the devil, and said she kept seeing animals like goats that were not there, and they had asked the evangelic centre and its pastor to help them "cure her".

He said: "It is the first time in 22 years of my career in the police to have an event of this nature. "The prosecutor has also said that it is the first time in his life. It is very difficult to explain that something like this could happen to a teenager." The older sister claimed that the religious centre, who provided her with a sharp knife, said that she must be the person to remove the eyes of her sister in order to cure her.

-- PoliticxGuru (m) at 24-08-2015 01:24PM
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this is unacceptable and barbaric, wat a wasted generation we live in
-- Ken1230 (m) at 24-08-2015 01:31PM
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Why not kill the older sister, pastor and those that raped her? The foolish sister do not think what will happen to her sister if she removed her eyes? Evil people.
-- beneno (m) at 24-08-2015 01:33PM
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nawa o
-- gogoman (m) at 24-08-2015 01:37PM
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see barbaric people
-- beneno (m) at 24-08-2015 01:39PM
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politicxGuru that guy don pass u well well oh,you dey sleep ? make E no come  be say food wey don already reah your hand no come reach your mouth o. Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
-- uchex (m) at 24-08-2015 01:41PM
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No sense
-- Anny01 (m) at 24-08-2015 01:43PM
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Assignment!!! Blind pastors and their followers.
-- emma4love3 (m) at 24-08-2015 01:47PM
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hahahahah..... aaaah
mumu everywher.the pastor gave u the
knife to remove ur own sister eyes
then u remove am...
til u die....ur sistet wil continue
to lay course on u...olodo...
-- angesco (f) at 24-08-2015 01:48PM
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This is what seperates the religious people from spiritual people. Religious people are dangerous!
-- PaskyWosky (m) at 24-08-2015 01:49PM
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hmmmmmm...this world sef, nothing wey man no go hear
-- Wysetots (m) at 24-08-2015 01:56PM
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Many people carry bibles without knowing it's content.

I hope both the fool that claims to be a pastor and the sister goes to jail.
-- joorny (m) at 24-08-2015 02:00PM
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This na very big lie.I am living in Argentina and nothing of such happened here.
-- joorny (m) at 24-08-2015 02:01PM
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This na very big lie.I am living in Argentina and nothing of such happened here.
-- elchymo (m) at 24-08-2015 02:12PM
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Which kind madness come be dis one na?
-- osarobo62 (m) at 24-08-2015 02:52PM
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Quote from: joorny on 24-08-2015 02:00PM
This na very big lie.I am living in Argentina and nothing of such happened here.
maybe u no get tv or internet for the village where you dey hide
-- ngfineface (f) at 24-08-2015 04:31PM
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Pastor kwa?
-- winace (f) at 24-08-2015 04:54PM
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I thot all dis horro can only happen in africa cus of some stupid believe. Na wa o
-- kelvin500 (m) at 24-08-2015 05:05PM
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i refuse to believe this.
if it is true, it would have been on other credible news sources.
-- Fashoney (m) at 24-08-2015 05:32PM
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Wic kind pastor be dat..sorry evil man,am nt surprise,we re in d end time!
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