President Obama Mourns Nigerian Ambassador Adebowale Adefuye In Heart-Felt Message

Published 4 years ago by: MrJohn
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at 06:54 PM, 31/08/2015 (4 years ago)

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The United States of America on Monday expressed sadness over the death of Nigeria’s Ambassador to the country, Adebowale Adefuye.

A statement from the Information Office of the US mission on Monday in Abuja expressed President Barrack Obama’s condolences to Adefuye’s wife and family.

It noted that under Adefuye’s leadership, the US enjoyed close collaboration with Nigeria, which resulted in the establishment of the US-Nigeria Bi-National Commission, among other shared interests.

“Nigeria lost a distinguished ambassador who will be dearly missed. On behalf of the people of the United States and President Obama, we express our deepest condolences to his wife and his family,” it said.

“Over the past five years under Ambassador Adefuye’s leadership, we enjoyed a collaborative and open dialogue that yielded real results such as the U.S.-Nigeria Bi-National Commission, a strategic dialogue that succeeded in expanding mutual cooperation across a broad range of shared interests.

“Adefuye helped build the Commission into a collaborative forum that has resulted in progress on issues critical to Nigeria’s and the United States’ shared future”, he added.

The US observed that the former Fulbright scholar and participant of the International Visitor Exchange Program, had a keen understanding of the US and developed strong relationships with his American colleagues.

Continuing, the statement recalled that Adefuye’s last major assignment as ambassador was to receive President Muhammadu Buhari and his delegation during the president’s official visit to the United States in July, during which President Buhari met with President Obama and other senior US officials.

“The success of this visit speaks to Ambassador Adefuye’s skill as a diplomat. His tenure helped significantly to strengthen the US-Nigerian partnership,” it concluded.

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gogoman at 07:01 PM, 31/08/2015 (4 years ago)
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RIP Ambassador
ignis99 at 07:03 PM, 31/08/2015 (4 years ago)
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U sure say no be Buhari fear cause wahala for am. This Buhari self, his fear na de  beginning of wisdom o. Oga may your soul rest in peace sir.
mercymadu at 07:08 PM, 31/08/2015 (4 years ago)
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Wysetots at 07:10 PM, 31/08/2015 (4 years ago)
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beneno at 07:44 PM, 31/08/2015 (4 years ago)
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Eyaaaah, RIP
Fashoney at 08:00 PM, 31/08/2015 (4 years ago)
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Continue 2 rest n perfect peace!
igweope at 08:23 PM, 31/08/2015 (4 years ago)
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PoliticxGuru at 08:28 PM, 31/08/2015 (4 years ago)
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dareper at 10:33 PM, 31/08/2015 (4 years ago)
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winace at 11:26 PM, 31/08/2015 (4 years ago)
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May d ambassador soul rest in peace. Amen
chealseafc at 11:38 PM, 31/08/2015 (4 years ago)
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elchymo at 12:42 AM, 1/09/2015 (4 years ago)
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kayveetee at 01:04 AM, 1/09/2015 (4 years ago)
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adieu, Mr ambassador
dickieponga at 03:09 AM, 1/09/2015 (4 years ago)
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Quote from: ignis99 on 07:03 PM, 31/08/2015
U sure say no be Buhari fear cause wahala for am. This Buhari self, his fear na de  beginning of wisdom o. Oga may your soul rest in peace sir.
oh boy na d tin wey i dey tink be dat...Anyway RIP..
dollar22 at 05:47 AM, 1/09/2015 (4 years ago)
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Na buhari
Slimchery at 06:19 AM, 1/09/2015 (4 years ago)
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rara4romSA at 07:30 AM, 1/09/2015 (4 years ago)
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hackynoni111 at 08:09 AM, 1/09/2015 (4 years ago)
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rip to the dead
olalekanraman at 02:40 PM, 1/09/2015 (4 years ago)
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Good for him
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