Lady Molested By Men In A Lagos Bus Narrates Her Shocking Experience (Page 2)

4 years ago by: CLARA JANCITA
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-- rara4romSA (f) at 2-09-2015 05:40PM
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that's bad
-- mercymadu (f) at 2-09-2015 05:51PM
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even when you re well covered....... the he _goat will still want to touch .....
-- mercymadu (f) at 2-09-2015 05:57PM
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Quote from: ngfineface on  2-09-2015 03:11PM
I perfectly understand what the victim has gone through cos it has happened to me before. As a final year student, I went to see my uncle in PH, got there and he has traveled. Out of frustration, I left with the small money on me so frustrated and thinking of what to do since my parents lives in Lagos. So you can imagine my anger and pain when I hopped into 1414 and a silly goat tried messing around with my virgin oranges. I warned him thrice but he refused and the next time he tried it, I slapped the sh*t outta him with the whole of my strength and he was dead shocked. I slapped him like thrice.....can't say where my strength came from but it may be because I was already frustrated. The next thing, all the ‘soboleyoke's’ in the bus especially the old men started abusing me saying I do not have respect. Guess what, when I told them what happened, the guys in the bus nearly lynched him and the old men started cursing him, apologizing to me and telling me I should not say it out again cause it’s an abomination. Of course he left at the next bus stop out of shame. I hate abusers. I hate men that molest people whether sexually or otherwise. I can’t stand them at all.
they r evry whr.... especially in lagos.....even on the street
-- warri4real (m) at 2-09-2015 06:35PM
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e don red oh
-- hackynoni111 (m) at 2-09-2015 07:57PM
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Men can be so cruel
-- moralemike07 (m) at 2-09-2015 08:14PM
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-- bohlah (m) at 2-09-2015 08:37PM
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Thank God you live to tell this story

-- eric2000 (m) at 2-09-2015 08:55PM
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in a civilized country,these men will be in jail..
-- eric2000 (m) at 2-09-2015 08:59PM
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The truth is that most Nigerian men do not behave like lets all stand and condemn this behavior by these sick men that give the majority of us a bad name. The reason is that if we stay silent today ,tomorrow it could your sister,aunt,or mother..
-- luvly4luv (m) at 2-09-2015 09:22PM
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Try to be careful next time young lady and learn how to stop exposing ur thighs! Naked madness
-- banjuoflondon (f) at 2-09-2015 09:48PM
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Quote from: Keffejude on  2-09-2015 05:11PM
@poster if u weren't foolish enough 2 wear skimpy dresses in a public transport no1 would try 2 molest ur dumb ass
[/quote you made a mistake,i remember sometime ago around 2003 in Nigeria,there were no Brt by then i went to oshodi on my way going back home,ajah bus was scarce so i have to enter molue to obalende  from there is very easy to lekki,the molue was filled up i was on standing&there was a well suited man standing infront of me,i was shocked when i discovered the man has been trying to unzip my jean.]
-- SOGaiya (m) at 2-09-2015 10:17PM
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lesson for learners dress gud byound touching level
-- uchex (m) at 3-09-2015 12:45AM
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Na wa oh
-- sundayemma (m) at 3-09-2015 01:26AM
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Before u enter any bus, u need to be careful, especially in the night
-- Godawyne (m) at 3-09-2015 02:11AM
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De daz re surly numbed
-- babafero (m) at 3-09-2015 04:39AM
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This movie no fit sell
-- Tskills (m) at 3-09-2015 06:33AM
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I dnt see much in dis ur [email protected] , u obviously was wearing something provocative on these occasions, these guys did not have the intention to anything to u from ur story, u said they got down when the got to there respective bus stops, so i can deduce dat u seduced the men and they touched what they saw besides . From ur story u enjoy it all along , u where only disappointed when dey wanted to get down from d bus. Next tym u hv this type of story, tell dat to abokis in ur neighbourhood
-- okpesco60 (m) at 3-09-2015 07:51AM
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Welcome to naija
-- ignis99 (m) at 3-09-2015 08:26AM
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Sorry dear but as one adviser told you at the bus stop I think you need to pray against this
-- stboy000 (m) at 3-09-2015 08:32AM
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Long story but intresting
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