Throwback Thursday: See a 1939 Picture of Prophet Joseph Ayodele Babalola Ministering at an Open Cru

Published 4 years ago by: Joseph Yinka
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An inspirational photo of late Prophet Joseph Ayo Babalola ministering in an open air crusade in 1939 as he started his gospel journey.

This is an epic throwback photo of the late popular Prophet Joseph Ayo Babalola ministering in an open air crusade in 1939. Today his ministry has grown across Nigeria with millions of followers.
The revival of his mission began with the raising of a dead child in September 1930. What followed this in 3 weeks was the healing of about 100 lepers, 60 blind people and 50 lame persons.
This also resulted in the desolation of churches in Ilesa because their members transferred their allegiance to the revivalist and that all the patients in Wesley Hospital, Ilesa, abandoned their beds to seek healing from Babalola.

This divinely kicked off The Great Revival of 1930, which saw people coming from most parts of Africa and diaspora without posters and TV adverts.
On June 25, 1931 he slew the sinister Abugabu dragon of the jungles of Yogumbo, wielding a holy sword imbued with the fire of the Lord.
From then on, with bell and Yoruba Bible in hand, he toured Yorubaland and eastern Nigeria, preaching about repentance, and renunciation of idolatry, the importance of prayer and fasting, and the power of God to heal sickness.