Breaking News: Former Benue State Governor, Gabriel Suswan Arrested By EFCC [Details Inside]

Published On: October 12, 2015, 1:15 pm
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-- Online (f) at 12-10-2015 01:15PM

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Nigeria’s Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, on Monday, arrested a former Benue state governor, Gabriel Suswan, over alleged corruption during his tenure as governor.
Mr. Suswam governed Benue state between 2007 and May 2015.
He was being quizzed at the EFCC office in Abuja over alleged graft in his state, at the time of this report.
“He was invited by the EFCC in connection with ongoing corruption investigation in Benue state,”
Wilson Uwajuren, EFCC spokesperson, told Naijapals
More to come.

-- stella1981 (f) at 12-10-2015 01:21PM
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I see
-- morgrawl231 (m) at 12-10-2015 01:24PM
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You are welcome....
-- Oways (m) at 12-10-2015 01:28PM
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Only starting they have..but no end product
-- proly (f) at 12-10-2015 01:50PM
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After all dis arrest here n there me no dey sEe any outcome joor
-- Powerfulify (m) at 12-10-2015 02:12PM
(1645 | Gistmaniac)

If I may ask , who r these efcc? DE Angels or  what? All d money wey dem dey collect 4rm pple where dem dey kipam? Thieves chasing thieves. 2ell mi nyashi wey u go open u no go see shit inside.
-- larrychuckz (m) at 12-10-2015 02:21PM
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Na one by one dem go dey show for office for questioning
-- larrychuckz (m) at 12-10-2015 03:21PM
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Those who ate must sh*t
-- emma4love3 (m) at 12-10-2015 03:26PM
(15079 | Hero)

hahaha...nah real one by one ooh
.yes after the looting you then come
and answer ur name...
-- emma4love3 (m) at 12-10-2015 03:28PM
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all this govrnor never new that things wil they had to loot..very well...
now buhari is on them...
-- elchymo (m) at 12-10-2015 03:56PM
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This has been long overdue. This guy na over corruption go kill am. Benue state don dey worse now than before dis guy assume office
-- winace (f) at 12-10-2015 04:03PM
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Dis one is a big thief. Dis is not abt party or favouritism. Dis Suswam or Swine is a thief and need to be kept in criminal prison for life.
-- deboalabi262 (m) at 12-10-2015 04:37PM
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 Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh?

-- saviourekpe (m) at 12-10-2015 05:28PM
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What about others?
-- christianity (m) at 12-10-2015 06:15PM
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dem  try
-- allenspike Online (m) at 12-10-2015 06:53PM
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Hunting ground for looters, there's no place to hide..
-- dickieponga (m) at 12-10-2015 07:10PM
(13877 | Hero)

All of dem be tif....
-- emma4love3 (m) at 12-10-2015 10:06PM
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heheheh...real hunting ground for looters...
yes by one...the price must
be paid for....dem reck nigeria down..
-- Trueyarn (m) at 12-10-2015 11:09PM
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See face,go answa quetn abeg$
-- okatee (m) at 12-10-2015 11:33PM
(7638 | Hero)

dis man is a real thief, original criminal. bcus of dis wicked man, my state Benue suffered, alot of strike 4rm govt skuls bcuz of unpaid salary. i alwayz pray 4 diz day to cum. he must vommit d whole money dat he stole
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