I Didn't Assault Yvone Nelson, She Said Nigerians Are Stupid And We Exchanged Words - Elvis Eze

Date: 15-10-2015 6:04 pm (5 years ago) | Author: MrJohn
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- at 15-10-2015 06:04 PM (5 years ago)

 The last might not have been heard about the reported ill-tempered altercation that recently occurred between popular Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson, and Elvis Eze, at the birthday party of actress Ingrid Alabi in Ghana as Eze has come out to debunk the allegations of assault heaped on him by Nelson.

Eze revealed that contrary to the accusations peddled all over digital and social media, he never at any time physically assaulted Nelson; instead, he merely questioned the sultry actress over her negative attitude towards him after she snubbed him at the party.

It was widely reported in online entertainment news platforms, blogs, and the social media that Eze had purportedly assaulted Nelson physically over her refusal to shake his hands and hug him after he had been introduced to Nelson by Alabi during Alabi’s birthday celebrations on September 26 in Accra, Ghana.

Narrating his own side of the happenings that occurred on that fateful day to our correspondent, the Ghanaian-based Nigerian socialite said he was very disappointed that the actress could act so disrespectfully to him considering that he approached her courteously.    

In his words, “Ingrid Alabi invited me to her birthday party on Saturday, September 26, 2015. Upon getting to the party venue, I saw Yvonne Nelson at the event. After the party, I went inside Ingrid’s sitting room, where she hosted her exclusive guests to inform her that I was leaving. During that period, Yvonne Nelson taking pictures with the celebrant and one other actress. Ingrid then asked me to join them to take pictures together which we did.

“After taking the pictures, Ingrid introduced me to Yvonne Nelson as her brother and Yvonne to me as a friend. When the introduction was over, I wanted to have a handshake with Yvonne. She blatantly refused and she was rude to me, saying she doesn’t shake or hug people that she’s not familiar with and I walked out.”

Eze who disclosed that he was a huge fan of the actress prior to the incident said he approached Nelson when he spotted her sitting in her car on his way out of Alabi’s house. Although, he admitted that there were verbal exchange of words between him and Nelson, he never for once threatened to raise a finger not to talk of physically fighting her.

“On my way out, I saw her sitting in her car and I walked up to her and told her that ‘Yvonne what you did in there is not called for because I’m a big fan of yours and I watch your movies, I follow your movies and I was opportune to see you for the first time after someone introduced me to you, I was just trying to say Hi and you were rude to me.’

“She just exploded and said ‘I should shift and get out from her front that she doesn’t want to talk to me’ after which we began to exchange words, I told her that ‘you stupid or sick in the head.’ That was it and she started insulting me and of Nigerians saying that ‘Nigerians are useless, mad, crazy and stupid.’  So I walked away from there and I went home,” he said.

Eze disclosed that he was surprised when he heard that the case had degenerated badly to the extent that the issue propped up on networking site, Facebook, where he was accused of molesting Nelson. He further said he was alarmed when he was told that his image was shown on TV stations and newspapers across Ghana and he had been reported to the Accra airport police.

According to Eze, “Two days after the event, I saw a post on Facebook saying that Yvonne Nelson had been assaulted by a Nigerian man named Elvis Eze also known as Elvis Casino. I was so baffled seeing this so I immediately called Ingrid. She (Ingrid) told me that Yvonne brought policemen to her house at about 3am, saying that Ingrid must take her to Elvis house to get him arrested for assaulting her. This is what I was told by Ingrid. Later on, I started receiving numerous calls from my friends and associates, telling me that my face is on T.V. and on newspapers alleging that I assaulted Yvonne and that a case had been lodged at the at airport police station in Accra by Yvonne regarding the incident.”

Insisting that he was innocent of the accusations, Eze remarked; “I never assaulted her, I didn’t touch her or beat her, I did not molest her and I left there without anybody harassing me or chased me out because I did not touch her. Even Ingrid Alabi was there and she can bear me witness and other people there can also bear witness to this.  A lot of people were there, actors and actresses that were there can bear me witness.”

Terribly pained about the incident, Eze said he was disappointed about how Nelson had handled the entire issue, saying he never expected the star studded actress to have taken the issue to the public glare and defame his personality.

“I just saw her for the first time and I am one of her greatest fans, and I love her movies. I was surprised when I saw her at Ingrid’s party. So when I was introduced to Yvonne, I was so happy that I had met her finally. I was so surprised and disappointed how she was rude to me because I didn't know the way she act is different from the way she behave in real life. That is my own side of the story. It was just a normal misunderstanding, I was even surprised to see that things will get this far,” he concluded.

Posted: at 15-10-2015 06:04 PM (5 years ago) | Gistmaniac
- Oways at 15-10-2015 06:16 PM (5 years ago)
So she too get mouth to call Nigerians stupid? after all 9ja don do for her
Posted: at 15-10-2015 06:16 PM (5 years ago) | Gistmaniac
- steveoneal at 15-10-2015 06:18 PM (5 years ago)
Eze it is your fault, had it been you didnt even give her a bit of attention that wouldnt have happened, thats the problem with these home cinema actresses, that always want  to do all they can wanting people to address as star... it is people like you eze that  goes crazy about them  that always get ridiculed by them, so sorry for you.she just wanted to use  as a scapegoat to boost her ego.,,
Posted: at 15-10-2015 06:18 PM (5 years ago) | Gistmaniac
- osinaoma at 15-10-2015 06:45 PM (5 years ago)
Sounds sincere
Posted: at 15-10-2015 06:45 PM (5 years ago) | Upcoming
- Powerfulify at 15-10-2015 06:48 PM (5 years ago)
If she can do it 2 fellow Ghanaian John Dumelo, Elvis whom do u think u r ? N a Nigerian 4 dat matter,  Gentlemen if u guys can go wit my advice stay away 4rm her, I bet u she will surely come back 4 guys.
Posted: at 15-10-2015 06:48 PM (5 years ago) | Gistmaniac
- dareshola at 15-10-2015 06:48 PM (5 years ago)
Posted: at 15-10-2015 06:48 PM (5 years ago) | Upcoming
- emma4love3 at 15-10-2015 06:49 PM (5 years ago)
nah true this guy dey talk...Yvonne dey do pass her sef...since our brother
iyanyan take play football...
Posted: at 15-10-2015 06:49 PM (5 years ago) | Hero
- emma4love3 at 15-10-2015 06:50 PM (5 years ago)
the babe dey rude to nigerian guyz now....
she no send her fans for nigeria again...
Posted: at 15-10-2015 06:50 PM (5 years ago) | Hero
- angesco at 15-10-2015 06:53 PM (5 years ago)
All because of a HANDSHAKE or the lack of one.!

Doesn't take much to  start a war nowadays!!!!!!
Posted: at 15-10-2015 06:53 PM (5 years ago) | Gistmaniac
- emma4love3 at 15-10-2015 06:57 PM (5 years ago)
meanwhile her own side of the story on sound city TV was ful of  lies...Eze did not asult her...she lie on that guy....nah pepper body dey do her...
Posted: at 15-10-2015 06:57 PM (5 years ago) | Hero
- emma4love3 at 15-10-2015 07:02 PM (5 years ago)
all those ghanian actors and actress they spoild the home video
industry with their cheapo productions...when did they even start to
act sef...if not for naija producer that when there to produce homevideo
who for knw her...sef..yeye.....foul
Posted: at 15-10-2015 07:02 PM (5 years ago) | Hero
- Deltaboy1 at 15-10-2015 07:20 PM (5 years ago)
iyanya and iceprince don phyuk all her honeypot dry
Posted: at 15-10-2015 07:20 PM (5 years ago) | Gistmaniac
- winace at 15-10-2015 07:21 PM (5 years ago)
She felt she is a star now so pple like u can't shake her hands. Meanwhile from ur side of d story, she is killing her image and career faster cus pple will start avoiding her feeling they don't want to be insulted or arrested for for talking to her.
Eze pple like u make dis celebrity think they are small god. Its a pity sha. U have learnt ur lesson.
Posted: at 15-10-2015 07:21 PM (5 years ago) | Addicted Hero
- Tyahaya at 15-10-2015 07:35 PM (5 years ago)
Sth doesn't sound right, so you only exchanged words and the next thing you know, she showed up with police at 3 am?  Nah, sth is missing, you are not that important, she wouldn't do that.
Posted: at 15-10-2015 07:35 PM (5 years ago) | Gistmaniac
- aspeng007 at 15-10-2015 07:47 PM (5 years ago)
U guiz are gettin it all wrong.yes she's proud and arrogant bt she's gonna hate men especially we naija bcuz we too sharp,lolzzz,(iyanya)
Posted: at 15-10-2015 07:47 PM (5 years ago) | Upcoming
- china4jessy at 15-10-2015 07:59 PM (5 years ago)
Eze, the fault is not from you.  She is frustrated because of too many disappointments from naija guys who ate her and dump her.
Posted: at 15-10-2015 07:59 PM (5 years ago) | Gistmaniac
- china4jessy at 15-10-2015 08:09 PM (5 years ago)
Her behaviour towards  Eze was so abhorred and unmannered.
Posted: at 15-10-2015 08:09 PM (5 years ago) | Gistmaniac
- china4jessy at 15-10-2015 08:24 PM (5 years ago)
What will it take her to be polite to another?   Who does she thinks she is?  Celebrity my foot!!!
Posted: at 15-10-2015 08:24 PM (5 years ago) | Gistmaniac
- glorriana at 15-10-2015 08:40 PM (5 years ago)
I understand why you guys are so mad at YVONE. As a star she took the whole thing out of proportion. But coming back to your so called  Eze, he made a very big mistake. After Yvonne snobbed at him, it was not correct for him to go and way lay her in her car. She has the right of all accusation on Mr EZE and it will stand after all he is the one who went and attacked her in her car. Now you guys just jumped in to conclusion that Yvonne called Nigerian names, that is per Mr Eze. But he fails to tell us what he equally said to Yvonne. Going by some of your comments regarding her relationship with your brother INYAYA, maybe those are the type of things that Mr Eze said to her that made  her mad if you could reasoned that way. Beside we all have a past and we have all dated one man or the other, so why is her own past been used against her all the time, or is this because she dated a Nigerian?

I am not in anyway supporting Yvonne for her childish and snobbish attitude. Minus the fans she will not be a star and it should be a privileged that one of her fans approached her to acknowledge her stardom.   
Posted: at 15-10-2015 08:40 PM (5 years ago) | Newbie
- china4jessy at 15-10-2015 08:49 PM (5 years ago)
Why must she assult a Country that is better than own Country  just because of her grievances of series of disappointment?  She sold herself cheap to guys and they chop her. So why is she angry with all Nigerians.
Posted: at 15-10-2015 08:49 PM (5 years ago) | Gistmaniac
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