Update: Over 26 People Killed As 4 Female Suicide Bombers Attack Mosque In Maiduguri

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Officials of the Civilian Joint Task Force, who participated in the evacuation of victims from the scene of Thursday night’s bombings in Maiduguri said at least 26 bodies were evacuated from the scene of the blast. Twenty-five others were rushed to hospital with various degrees of injuries, the officials said.
The officials, who requested not to be named because they had no permission to speak on the matter, said the blasts were carried out by two suicide bombers.
One of the bombers attacked a mosque during the Maghrib prayers; the other detonated the bomb at the nearby mosque, almost immediately,” one of our sources said.
The police and officials of the Borno state government are yet to comment on the incident.
Below is our earlier report on the incident.
Two deadly explosions on Thursday hit Maiduguri town as a suspected suicide bomber targeted a mosque in a suburb called Mulai.
The sound of the explosions echoed over the Borno state capital at about 6:20pm.Details of the casualties could not be immediately ascertained.
A senior official of the Civilian JTF, who asked not to be named in this report, said the two blasts happened near a mosque in Mulai, some 6 kilometres away from Maiduguri town along the Maiduguri-Biu highways.
We have two bomb explosions this evening in Mulai near a mosque there”, he said. “The bombings happened during prayer time. One cannot immediately give details of the incident but I have sent my boys over there and am still waiting for their report from the scene.
An other official of the Civilian JTF, who gave his name as Bamusa,said that “the blasts happened in a mosque during Maghrib prayer and many people were killed, sadly. I have nine injured persons in our trucks now and I am heading for the hospital to get them treated because they are in bad shape “.

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RIP to the dead ones
-- morgrawl231 (m) at 16-10-2015 03:23PM
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-- deboalabi262 (m) at 16-10-2015 03:28PM
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God have mercy.... Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad

-- Machealex (m) at 16-10-2015 03:59PM
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-- proly (f) at 16-10-2015 04:07PM
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Nawoooooooooo dis tin is becoming so seriouus...they re jst using dis girls while dey remain alive
-- dickieponga (m) at 16-10-2015 04:32PM
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We go catch dem very soon..
-- Wealthmide (m) at 16-10-2015 04:40PM
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haaa this people sha, may God just have mercy oooo
-- greatestdon (m) at 16-10-2015 06:01PM
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The earlier moslem clerics & their followers start checking ppl that hang around their mosques the better for them. After all these deadly experiences, common sense wld have made them beef up security around their mosques & surroundings so that these elements wld stop using them as barbeques.
-- diezo (m) at 16-10-2015 07:17PM
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-- yemoma (m) at 16-10-2015 07:34PM
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Serious things
-- omoboriowo96 (m) at 16-10-2015 07:49PM
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God please have mercy on Nigeria.
-- allenspike (m) at 16-10-2015 08:31PM
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it is high time Muslims intensify their security and searching methods, to reduce the risk of been victimized....
-- allenspike (m) at 16-10-2015 08:34PM
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boko haram Doom is near, lets patiently wait for it........
-- elchymo (m) at 16-10-2015 10:40PM
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When will all these killings stop? This is too much on the north already.
-- vincoll700 (m) at 17-10-2015 02:14AM
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All This blood you are sharing there is God ooo
-- winace (f) at 17-10-2015 05:48AM
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So they have finish bombing all d churches, its now their mosque dat they are targeting now. Hmmmm iyen no nice. May those innocent pple rest in peace. And to d injure, get well soon.
-- Zadok1 (m) at 17-10-2015 10:24AM
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Quote from: dickieponga on 16-10-2015 04:32PM
We go catch dem very soon..
Very very good, if they can only be going into Mosque nobody will complain
-- Trueyarn (m) at 17-10-2015 11:34AM
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Who are they really fighting for?Bunch of vampires.
-- allenspike (m) at 17-10-2015 01:28PM
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they are fighting for 70 virgins
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