Release Nnamdi Kanu Or We Will Go To War - Biafra Indigenous Group Threatens Federal Government

Published On: October 19, 2015, 12:49 pm
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Following the arrest of Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of Radio Biafra, the Indigenous People of Biafra Worldwide, owners of Radio Biafra, has written an open letter to world leaders.
It will be recalled that Kanu was picked up by the Department of State Service, DSS.
However, in a letter by Ifeanyi Chijioke on behalf of the group, the group also threatened to fight the Nigerian government if Kanu was not freed.
“The world leaders must stand up to its integrity, pride, and in defense of the law they made,” the group said, adding that “the UN chatter on the rights of indigenous people had become endangered with the arrest of this leader of indigenous people of Biafra.”
“It’s on record that Nnamdi kanu is a law abiding leader who has disciplined indigenous people of Biafra to strictly abide by local and international law. The gut for his arrest is nothing but slap on the face of United Nations.
“Meanwhile, this is a gross provocation of indigenous people of Biafra and, as endangered people, would only wait shortly for due process and immediate release of her leader.
“The world should know that arrest of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is the making of monster in indigenous people of Biafra and to prevent and save lives, world leaders must stand up to their responsibility.
“Biafrans, as endangered species of terror, genocide, murder and unlawful detentions, must be sorted or laws will be taken into their hands.
“Biafrans call on world leaders to prevail on Buhari to with immediate effect release the leader of the people as he is charged with no crime”, he added.

-- winace (f) at 19-10-2015 01:02PM
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War?Huh? I laff. I have not seen or experience war b4 but wit all d stories and movie watched so far, then it is not a good thg to think of. U can protest for ur oga to be release but not war cus most of u can't even stand it. Though I don't kn d reason for his arrest but u guys shld calm down. Maybe they jt want to ask him some questions. But make dem no give am tea there o. We kn d teas wey dem don give others in d past and d tea dey kill if u all will remember d military era. Bak then.
-- Ken1230 (m) at 19-10-2015 01:41PM
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That war will surely kill you and your foolish family that allowed you to be trying to fight the Government.
-- taung89 (m) at 19-10-2015 02:29PM
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Abeg make war start jor all this things don too much
-- DrSoba (m) at 19-10-2015 03:01PM
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All these greedy ibos talking about war. Till the world come to an end, there will never be war instigated by the ibos. This is not the 60s.
-- uplogsa (f) at 19-10-2015 03:06PM
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Quote from: Ken1230 on 19-10-2015 01:41PM
That war will surely kill you and your foolish family that allowed you to be trying to fight the Government.
listen to your stinking vomit. Shut your gutter if you don't know what to say
-- Marah001 (m) at 19-10-2015 03:19PM
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Those igbo na fool
-- sonofman25 (m) at 19-10-2015 03:43PM
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If u check d pple shouting for war dey r all young guys dey never experience war b4. Make una go ask una papa wey dey above 60ty and seek for dere advise
-- Mansfem (m) at 19-10-2015 04:05PM
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u guys r just roaring for war and ur leader.
if u don't know Hw to address issues short up ur phyuking mouth.
did u want to ruin our lives on top of wat?
fighting the government?
y can't u call ur wife, children, brodas, mother and father if they are still alive to wage war.
go n ask from ur fore fathers.
lazy pple with empty barren.
-- emma4love3 (m) at 19-10-2015 04:30PM
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hahahahahah....war ke...
the igbo's can not go to war nah
so many things has been altered
so thinking of war..they shuld
also think of damages on thier side....
-- emma4love3 (m) at 19-10-2015 04:33PM
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war...war in my as..s all the igbos boko haram kil in the north
biafra did not think of war...then them hold one person
just one person there are crying wo....nonsence
-- taung89 (m) at 19-10-2015 04:41PM
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The war never still start cause me don dey ready with my Ak49
-- emma4love3 (m) at 19-10-2015 04:43PM
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no mind them using un to un wil join biafra to fight
the full nigeria guyz shuld go and read
interntional political system....
-- emma4love3 (m) at 19-10-2015 04:51PM
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nigeria is sovereign state with
allies..members...also a key player in the international political
system.... so i dinno knw were biafra position is in that system
so if they are aggitating for war erhen they shuld be very very readu oooh
as for me no war...war is not good...
-- freethinker (m) at 19-10-2015 05:05PM
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Quote from: Ken1230 on 19-10-2015 01:41PM
That war will surely kill you and your foolish family that allowed you to be trying to fight the Government.
-- diezo (m) at 19-10-2015 05:10PM
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-- livingstone80 (m) at 19-10-2015 07:39PM
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biafra must come,good or bad.nigeria is darkness
-- Trueyarn (m) at 19-10-2015 09:30PM
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Let's see how it will all kick off.
-- stella1981 (f) at 19-10-2015 10:43PM
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Please let thare be peace in nigeria oh biko the war callers
-- aspeng007 (m) at 19-10-2015 10:55PM
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