Ice Prince Ex-Girlfriend, Eva Alordiah Sends Him An Erotic Message On His Birthday - READ

4 years ago by: Giwa bayo
(m) at 30-10-2015 01:48PM (4 years ago)

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Today is Ice Prince's birthday and fellow rapper Eva Alordiah penned down this very interesting birthday message to him via Instagram.

Hey Panshak honey @iceprincezamani

It is 9:01AM and I am standing undmolested in the shower, a part of my brain processing how my Friday is gonna go, the other part just simply hating the fact that I have no hot water.
You see, Months ago I was working out in my room when I heard the loudest bang I ever heard in my life! Frankie shrieked and began to bark hysterically and when I got out to see what had happened, I found my bathroom door ajar, my water heater smashed in several plastic pieces on the floor in the bathroom.
I remember thinking "What the hell?? How the fvck did this sh*t come lose off the wall?
What if I was in there, all 5Ft7 of me trying to have a shower, my Bosom s a couple mounds protruding from my chest and the water heater smashing through my skull. The thought of it made me wince.

Well I just haven't bothered to replace it since then. I have had a cold shower everyday for several months now and never really cared. It didn't matter. Hot or cold. I usually have always prefered cold showers though.
Several mornings in Boarding school, I stood tall and scrawnily thin in the cold dark early mornings, doing rub and shine with two bowls of ice cold water. Water that I mostly had to tap from under everyone's bunks in the middle of the night. I guess you could say I been baffing cold long time. I am used to this sh*t!

But today is different. It is your Birthday Ice, and I'd hate to be baffing ice water on your birthday! All this chilling might suck the life outta me.
I want hot water.
Just this morning.
I don't know where you are or what you are doing Ice honey. But it is your birthday. Don't baff ice water like I am about to do now.

Oh Lord! I just turned on the shower and as the coolness of the water hits my skin, I am reminded of things. Things eh!! Life is made up of things.
It is even better when it is made up of Memories.
As you celebrate today Panshak... think only of the most beautiful and the best memories.
Let Gratitude consume your soul and let there be an outpouring of thanks from your heart.

Today, do not baff cold water like I am about to do now.
Smile honey.
Happy Birthday.


             Eva Alordiah

winace (f) at 30-10-2015 02:09PM
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Na d msg long like dis?
Happy birthday Ice Prince.
satsaver (m) at 30-10-2015 02:14PM
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too much talk, HBD is do.
nametalkam (m) at 30-10-2015 02:25PM
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I have always suspected this Eva chick, she is clearly one of those Psychotic Ex-girlfriends, this sort of message is completely uncalled for, especially for someone who now has a girlfriend and a babymama separate, Imagine! You can kill the man! Well, someone tell her she need to learn how to write "happy birthday" and move on!

Boss347 (m) at 30-10-2015 02:31PM
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My God! What means this?

musleh247 (m) at 30-10-2015 03:41PM
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D msge 2 long and na rubbish, anyway HBD Ice cold as she said
gogoman (m) at 30-10-2015 03:44PM
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na phyuk she won phyuk yeye girl...
nametalkam (m) at 30-10-2015 04:33PM
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Quote from: gogoman on 30-10-2015 03:44PM
na phyuk she won phyuk yeye girl...

No mind her, na home breaker

elchymo (m) at 30-10-2015 07:34PM
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She's horny. And ice prince is nowhere to service the Congo meat Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
stella1981 (f) at 30-10-2015 07:50PM
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SOGaiya (m) at 30-10-2015 08:13PM
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who cares? I dnt
Oways (m) at 30-10-2015 11:24PM
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She dey still look for one mouth to chop
kaysieluv (f) at 31-10-2015 07:25AM
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senseless message......
dickieponga (m) at 1-11-2015 01:47AM
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U no dey hear word u still wan poke dis guy anyway im ready for u...
moralemike07 (m) at 10-01-2016 08:38AM
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Their wahala.