​​50,000 ​Nigerian ​girls die of abortion complications annually — NMA

Published On: November 5, 2015, 1:34 am
Author: Charles colins
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Over 50, 000 Nigerian girl-children die annually owing to complications arising from wrong and poorly done abortions.

The poorly done abortions happen as a result of lack of education and awareness available to girl children.

The Nigeria Medical Association Committee on Girl Child Education said young school girls who who are influenced by peer pressure.

Speaking on Wednesday during an awareness campaign organized by the Committee at Model Girls’ Secondary School, Ugwuachara, Ebonyi State, the National President of the Committee, Chidi Esike, decried the high level risk involving Nigerian girl children.

Dr. Esike called on the female students to take their studies seriously and avoid distractions that often lead them have sex before they are mature.

He said early sexual intercourse in girl children inhibit their chances of furthering their education and also expose them to various risks which includes unwanted pregnancies and death of over 50, 000 Nigerian girl children because of badly done abortions.

“The theme of this particular project is Adolescence and the Education of the Girl Child-Negotiating the Mine Field. We decided to interact with the students to create awareness of the major challenges facing them in their education through lectures and help them find best solutions that will make their education most effective,” Dr. Esike said.

The host principal of Model Girls’ Comprehensive Secondary School, Charity Chukwu, commended the NMA Committee on Girl Child Education for their prompt awareness campaign on how to safeguard the future of female children in the state and protect them from various harmful activities like female genital mutilation.

-- dickieponga (m) at 5-11-2015 03:30AM
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E pass dat cos dem no sabi use contraceptive dem too enjoy am cos some of dem wan trap some poor guy but guys don dey wisen up now...
-- musleh247 (m) at 5-11-2015 04:25AM
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This is outrageous. Anyway i don't blame them, it is the system the country is operating. In western world they do abortions too, but they follow due process. Secondly in some of the countries abortion is less due to the support of the government to the single mothers. In Nigeria they don't do such, no support for the single mothers, quack doctors everywhere, fake medicines and poverty.
-- sugarwealth (f) at 5-11-2015 06:12AM
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Everything still boils down to proper sex education. This has not been so effective because many of these young girls are so naive.
-- sugarwealth (f) at 5-11-2015 06:15AM
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This should start from their mothers, start educating these girls on the dangers of premarital sex, cos mostly it because of ignorance that young girls always find themselves in this mess
-- temi_1 (f) at 5-11-2015 06:21AM
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If they don't want to have kids its simple just abstain from sex or use protection. Fools they keep wasting their own lives themselves
-- AmazingMarie (f) at 5-11-2015 08:58AM
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this statistics speaks of a reality. there is need for education and other options want o explore to avoid abortion.
-- benny0047 (m) at 5-11-2015 09:50AM
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this statistics is very sad O
-- Trueyarn (m) at 5-11-2015 10:52AM
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Hope they listen,children of nowadays wey like lashing pass Anti-christ.
-- winace (f) at 5-11-2015 11:48AM
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D statistic might be more than dat. Some die in d hands of quack doctors dat are not recorded. May GOD help them
-- gogoman (m) at 5-11-2015 01:35PM
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used condom!!!
-- Novic (m) at 5-11-2015 07:15PM
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wetin cause ham now..God should forgive all of una
-- okatee (m) at 7-11-2015 08:05PM
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nawa ooo, d figures plenty ooo, 50,000. God abeg help our generation ooo
-- okatee (m) at 7-11-2015 08:07PM
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i jst pray dat all dis advise shud enta deir brain. abeg gals, mak una dey use protection oo(condon)
-- sugarwealth (f) at 19-11-2015 09:19AM
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50,000 is too much na. I think this people are exaggerating numbers here, how can 50,000 Nigerian girls die every year? I don't believe this lie
-- sugarwealth (f) at 19-11-2015 09:21AM
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They can go ahead to say it happens in the US. Not Nigeria. You want to tell me that abortion  has so far killed more than bokoharam abi? And why must it be Nigeria? U people are sick