Photos & Video Of Nigerian Man Caught Brushing His Teeth On London Train Go Viral

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(m) at 5-11-2015 08:41PM (4 years ago)

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This funny picture of a Nigerian man brushing his teeth while on a London train has gone viral. The humorous and rather bizarre footage shows the man nonchalantly brushing his teeth as if doing so on a train is entirely normal.

The man, who sits on a Northern Line train, scrubs furiously as another commuter sits down next to him before the person filming the video focuses on his toothpaste instead.

Writing online the video maker said: 'I found this man brushing his teeth today whilst commuting on a London tube. As soon as he left, everyone burst out laughing.'

It is unclear whether the footage is genuine or whether it is part of a marketing stunt.
Watch the video below.
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mary11 (m) at 5-11-2015 08:47PM
(18392 | Hero)

Why always Nigerians?

omoboriowo96 (m) at 5-11-2015 09:04PM
(467 | Upcoming)

Everything Nigeria
Novic (m) at 5-11-2015 09:06PM
(15342 | Hero)

This country don tired. 9ja why only u nw.
Novic (m) at 5-11-2015 09:13PM
(15342 | Hero)

Perhaps the man don late for work. he think say na inside lagos BRT in dey.
dickieponga (m) at 5-11-2015 09:25PM
(13881 | Hero)

Im sleep for im lover place and e had to leave early b4 d husband of d woman come catch am dere...
E no late for work trust me...
Oways (m) at 5-11-2015 09:31PM
(3888 | Gistmaniac)

Another funny man
Ayodun1 (m) at 5-11-2015 09:39PM
(2072 | Gistmaniac)

Nigerians and their way of doing things

SOGaiya (m) at 5-11-2015 09:42PM
(5469 | Gistmaniac)

we wil cntinue 2read them all
banjuoflondon (f) at 5-11-2015 09:49PM
(126 | Upcoming)

how do you know he is a Nigerian?may God save Nigeria any bad black guy na Nigeria even if he is from another country.
musleh247 (m) at 5-11-2015 09:57PM
(1336 | Gistmaniac)

Wetin na? Everything wey happen these days na naija dey do am, abeg make una slow down. Poster please we evidence to know say this guy na Nigerian, this one wey be like Ghana guy so.
musleh247 (m) at 5-11-2015 09:59PM
(1336 | Gistmaniac)

It is very abnormal for a normal human being to be doing this inside a train, i believe there is something else to it
Linconblack (m) at 5-11-2015 10:13PM
(409 | Upcoming)

is it by force to live abroad, if London no pay am make him come back to Nigeria. obviously you will know say the guy dey homeless and from his hair look, he look unkept and haggard.
zezprincess (f) at 5-11-2015 10:16PM
(7927 | Hero)

@novic,u've said it all,he tink say he de naija(lagos or upper iweka 4 under bridge)anu mkpama!
stboy000 (m) at 5-11-2015 10:33PM
(141 | Upcoming)

Nothing to prove he is nigerian
Amibomatc (m) at 5-11-2015 10:50PM
(490 | Upcoming)

This is pure Yoruba man. That is how they walk around in Cairo streets with bathroom slipass and long chewing sticks.
temi_1 (f) at 5-11-2015 10:53PM
(1212 | Gistmaniac)

Mehn this guy is a disgrace
Abubu86 (m) at 5-11-2015 11:27PM
(5550 | Gistmaniac)

No time to check time dude
mkennedyk (m) at 5-11-2015 11:33PM
(37 | Newbie)

Proper disgrace.
sarah555 (f) at 6-11-2015 12:01AM
(4313 | Gistmaniac)

No proof
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