NATCOM Takes Over NITEL To Launch New Telecommunications In Nigeria On 0804

Published On: November 6, 2015, 8:24 am
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NATCOM Consortium, the new owners of Ntel resolved to go ahead with the use of already secured numbering plan as against seeking for a new number as a cost saving approach.

The numbering capacity of the mobile numbering plan is 10 million phone lines, Guardian reports.

Investigations revealed that the numbering plan is part of licenses acquired from NITEL which was allocated to Mobile Telecommunications (M-Tel) the mobile arm of NITEL by Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC). It was charged with the development of the National Numbering Plan for the Nigerian telephone network (both fixed and wireless) and ensuring the allocation of unique national numbers to each subscriber connected to the network, Nigeria CommunicationsWeek reports.

Mr. Kamar Abass, managing director of Ntel, had said that there were still spaces in the marketplace for new SIMs; hence, Ntel as a new entrant had many opportunities.

The Ntel boss said that the assets acquired from NITEL included cellular spectrum/microwave frequencies; telecom operating licences, international submarine cable, which is the SAT-3 and cell towers.

He added that the company also acquired fibre and duct network (including Right Of Way), prime buildings and satellite earth stations.

Engr. Samuel Adeleke, immediate past president, Internet Service Providers Association of Nigeria (ISPAN) urged Ntel not to follow already existing business model in the market if they are to attract subscribers.

He said:

“They have basket of licenses, huge capacity of fibre links across the country, if they can provide unlimited bandwidth at affordable price they will attract huge customers. 4G LTE is a good start, but they cannot survive on data alone they should provide voice service and to get smartphones that are compactable with 4G LTE is expensive, if they can come up with 4G LTE SIM and give to people with the device will be good."

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Nice development and advice.... hope the company will be managed and controlled very well?? and to get customers you really need to work on the network and a better tariff plan than the existing ones...
-- Vivianciv (f) at 6-11-2015 09:15AM
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-- Novic (m) at 6-11-2015 09:30AM
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hmmm.. na obasonjo terminate this Nitel before. You welcm Natcom, i pray succed in 9ja.
-- musleh247 (m) at 6-11-2015 09:47AM
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Good development and nice strategies. I just hope they gonna do a good job. Making sure the network is ok. Network is a big problem in Nigeria. Also making the tariffs plans reasonable for the average man
-- proly (f) at 6-11-2015 10:00AM
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-- gogoman (m) at 6-11-2015 10:44AM
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i hate when they keep changing this national name we used too!!  se na name dey destroy the company or na YOU THIEF!!!  yeye people
-- Wysetots (m) at 6-11-2015 11:27AM
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-- benny0047 (m) at 6-11-2015 11:32AM
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why did nitel just suddenly die? when cellphones ccame that does not have to mean the death of landlines...only in 9ja
-- sugarwealth (f) at 6-11-2015 11:59AM
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Is this part of the privatisation that has been going on since? If so, wats important is quality service not just acquiring things up and down
-- kp45 (m) at 6-11-2015 02:35PM
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hope u guys will be better than the ones on ground.
-- Oways (m) at 6-11-2015 03:21PM
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Congratulations.. more employment
-- AmazingMarie (f) at 6-11-2015 04:01PM
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I hope this will not go down too.
-- AmazingMarie (f) at 6-11-2015 04:02PM
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it is an avenue for employment in though.
-- dickieponga (m) at 6-11-2015 04:42PM
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Only 10million phone lines...?
-- mjyabah2 (m) at 6-11-2015 09:27PM
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Poster, did u mean smartphones that are compactable or compatible with 4G LTE? I could not comprehend the last message/sentence of the post.
-- Ayodun1 (m) at 7-11-2015 01:46AM
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Good news...  Just hope its not late... Now that Mtn & co has taken charge.

-- sugarwealth (f) at 8-11-2015 12:48PM
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Change of name is not what will help at all. The content must be changed for the better to, it's very easy to change name..
-- sugarwealth (f) at 8-11-2015 12:49PM
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Mostly all these change and rebranding comes along with sack on Friday employees. Hope u are not going to sack people?
-- okatee (m) at 10-11-2015 11:17AM
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i jst hop dis wil b a nyc development to boost our economic
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