Take A Look At The New Ooni Of Ife's Multi Billion Naira Grand Resort in Lagos

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THE destination was Inagbe Grand Beach Resort on one of the islands that dot the Lagos lagoon waterway heading to Badagry. The take-off point was the jetty along Queens Drive, Ikoyi where a luxury boat latched to the jetty bobbed to the rise and fall of the waves on the lagoon. Each member of the team made his or her way to the boat, collected a life jacket and gingerly stepped into the boat.

The leather settee felt comfortable. The boat paraded a 1, 000 horse power twin outboard engine. The last person to come on board was a tall, young man in navy blue shirt and white chinos trousers. He had stayed back to ensure that everyone was comfortably accommodated. He boarded the vessel and glanced round to make sure everybody was comfortable and safe. Then he ordered the boat operator to launch the trip.

In the course of the comfortable 15-minute cruise to the resort, some of us got to know that the person that courteously supervised the boarding was the resort’s owner, then Prince Adeyeye Ogunwusi. Today, he is the Ooni of Ife.

At Inagbe Grand Beach Resort, right from the wooden walkway that extended deep onto the lagoon with the floating lounge on the water, everything about the resort was classy and special. It was also obvious that a broad-minded person who understood tourism conceptualized the resort.

Vivianciv (f) at 6-11-2015 09:06AM
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Novic (m) at 6-11-2015 09:08AM
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God for him.
musleh247 (m) at 6-11-2015 09:14AM
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Ooooo boy money good oooo, just look at the resort of a single person. Nobody go fit tell me say every rich man or woman for naija, say their money genuine. This kind resort now say na genuine money dem take arrange am?. God go answer dem one day.
proly (f) at 6-11-2015 10:07AM
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gogoman (m) at 6-11-2015 10:39AM
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make he enjoy him money na abi
zezprincess (f) at 6-11-2015 10:44AM
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When u got d money,U got d world.
benny0047 (m) at 6-11-2015 10:49AM
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this guy is stupid rich I swear
Attaboy (m) at 6-11-2015 12:13PM
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Wow! Money swit o.
I just wish am success in life kawai.
winace (f) at 6-11-2015 02:06PM
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Waoh dat Ooni get swag o. Nice looking resort. Which to visit there someday.
Oways (m) at 6-11-2015 03:04PM
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The man get plenty money
dickieponga (m) at 6-11-2015 04:04PM
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Dis is wat u call a house...Dis na money dey talk...
AmazingMarie (f) at 6-11-2015 04:20PM
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investment modus operandi. beautiful resort for a get away.
benny0047 (m) at 6-11-2015 05:20PM
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Whatelse will this guy need again
Ayodun1 (m) at 7-11-2015 12:49AM
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Wow!!! Beautiful

Ayodun1 (m) at 7-11-2015 12:58AM
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Now that he is now a King.... He has acquired not only money but also Power. I pray he utilizes them well... & May his reign bring about Peace.

sugarwealth (f) at 8-11-2015 01:10PM
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Before u became the ooni, you were already swimming in money. So it doesn't come as a surprise that u own this place.
sugarwealth (f) at 8-11-2015 01:11PM
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So u are the most powerful man in yoruba land, which means u have a lot  of responsibility on ur shoulders
okatee (m) at 10-11-2015 11:52AM
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woow, dis man is made of money, u know say money no b problem