Senate Deputy President Ekweremadu Reportedly Escapes Assassination Attempt

Published 4 years ago by: Mister Jay Wonder
at 17-11-2015 09:50PM (4 years ago)

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The Deputy President of the Senate, Senator Ike Ekweremadu, escaped suspected assassination attempt, Tuesday reports Premium Times.

The attempt, according to Uche Anichukwu, the dep‎uty senate president’s spokesperson, occurred at about 10:00am between Apo Flyover and Dantata Construction Company’s yard, close to the Old Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Headquarters junction on his way to work.

The suspected assassins who Mr. Anichukwu said operated in a tinted white-coloured Mercedez Benz AMG E63 without a plate number, were reportedly chauffeured by a long-bearded light skinned foreigner, apparently a mercenary.

The spokesperson continued,”The vehicle, which was positioned by the Apo Bridge, on noticing that the Deputy President of the Senate’s convoy took the right turn to join the Nnamdi Azikiwe Expressway instead, made a turn. The occupants attempted to attack the convoy, but were blocked. The driver violently broke into the convoy and they made several frantic attempts to attack the Senator’s official car.

”When charged at by the security operatives attached to the Deputy President of the Senate, the Benz driver made a U-turn, and partially smashed an oncoming vehicle on the opposite lane of the highway and escaped.

”The development has already been reported to the security agencies.”

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Wazubia at 17-11-2015 10:04PM (4 years ago)
(5519 | Gistmaniac) (m)

Oya police start investigation,  find out who they are, who send them, who sponsord them, and bring them to justice.
christianity at 17-11-2015 10:17PM (4 years ago)
(7321 | Gistmaniac) (m)

dats the type of news u always get frm d zoo.
Novic at 17-11-2015 10:57PM (4 years ago)
(15342 | Hero) (m)

Hmmmm....God really saved u.
zezprincess at 17-11-2015 11:12PM (4 years ago)
(7927 | Hero) (f)

Oga Ekweremmadu,You are covered by the blood of Our lord,Jesus Christ of Nazareth,so also is your going out&coming in in the Name of Jesus christ,Son of David.God bless u.Hmmmmm,Those mercenaries you know yourselves,"kpachalunu anya unu,Ozo emekwana!!,
scotik at 17-11-2015 11:25PM (4 years ago)
(602 | Upcoming) (m)

During Jonathan regime nobody was assassinated, it was during obj assassination was the talk of the day. Now Boko haram leader has taken over the power the want resume assassination again.
gogoman at 17-11-2015 11:39PM (4 years ago)
(31814 | Addicted Hero) (m)

boko boys hard work
winace at 18-11-2015 12:09AM (4 years ago)
(30152 | Addicted Hero) (f)

APC make una no kill am o. He is not a threat to ur stealing tactic and lying ego. Leave him alone.
winace at 18-11-2015 12:13AM (4 years ago)
(30152 | Addicted Hero) (f)

Quote from: Wazubia on 17-11-2015 10:04PM
Oya police start investigation,  find out who they are, who send them, who sponsord them, and bring them to justice.
.   My BRODA, not in eiw country and prwsent lying govt. They will cover their track very well. I jt hope they won't get him
dickieponga at 18-11-2015 12:29AM (4 years ago)
(13881 | Hero) (m)

Only god no wetim im sef do cos hired assassins no go just follow u to kill u...
Na who u sef defraud...?
He's not telling us d whole story...
osarobo62 at 18-11-2015 02:54AM (4 years ago)
(11725 | Hero) (m)

....and what was the response of the police orderlies attached to him Huh? his bIafran brothers, not APC
winace at 18-11-2015 06:10AM (4 years ago)
(30152 | Addicted Hero) (f)

Quote from: winace on 18-11-2015 12:13AM
.   My BRODA, not in every country and present lying govt. They will cover their track very well. I jt hope they won't get him
Wysetots at 18-11-2015 06:18AM (4 years ago)
(8130 | Hero) (m) street CCTV's to capture faces of perpetuators.......that's why crime offenders can almost go scott-free.
saviourekpe at 18-11-2015 06:33AM (4 years ago)
(261 | Upcoming) (m)

What about his arrays of security guys.
sugarwealth at 18-11-2015 07:30AM (4 years ago)
(1823 | Gistmaniac) (f)

There is a very big clue here, shey they said the vehicle partially smashed another incoming vehicle on the other Lane, they can start now to mount surveillance on every white Mercedes e63 for the bash on the car, at least they won't fix it too fast. Any white Mercedes with the bash on that area should be held..
sugarwealth at 18-11-2015 07:32AM (4 years ago)
(1823 | Gistmaniac) (f)

Kudos to the deputy Senate president's security detail, they were very professional in countering that attack..
fujiblack at 18-11-2015 08:14AM (4 years ago)
(42 | Newbie) (m)

buhari wants him out of the way that's all ekweremadu is representing us very well,,he's not a corrupt leader atal
chylind5 at 18-11-2015 10:56AM (4 years ago)
(1752 | Gistmaniac) (f)

Nothing will happen to Ekweremmadu. APC wants him out by all means but God big pass them
Oways at 18-11-2015 12:03PM (4 years ago)
(3881 | Gistmaniac) (m)

Shuooo e never tay u resume office na
diezo at 18-11-2015 02:01PM (4 years ago)
(2135 | Gistmaniac) (m)

يراقب الله !!!