So Bad!! How Uniben Students Fetch Water In Hostel - Photos

Published On: November 27, 2015, 11:50 am
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-- (f) at 27-11-2015 11:50AM

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Some hostels at the prestigious University of Benin have been experiencing serious issues of water scarcity which has unsettled students.
A social media user who is a student of the school just uploaded a picture of the desperate measure taken by students to get water which involves entering water tanks to scoop water from the bottom.

-- chylind5 (f) at 27-11-2015 12:03PM
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This must be HALL 3 Chaii. A whole Uniben. Abeg this matter must be addressed oo b4 it gets out of hand.
-- zezprincess (f) at 27-11-2015 12:09PM
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Omg!,na person de on top dat water tank abi na jerry cans???
-- Trueyarn (m) at 27-11-2015 12:34PM
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So annoying,when will this country be good 4 once?no wonder all this useless rogues dey snd their pikin go skul abroad.
-- satsaver (m) at 27-11-2015 12:47PM
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Quote from: zezprincess on 27-11-2015 12:09PM
Omg!,na person de on top dat water tank abi na jerry cans???
na long person
-- nwaafoigbo (m) at 27-11-2015 01:18PM
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thats is benin for u
-- Ayodun1 (m) at 27-11-2015 01:44PM
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See naija Uni.... Shaking my head...

-- zauber (m) at 27-11-2015 01:57PM
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wellcome to zoo, baboons and monkeys.
-- kp45 (m) at 27-11-2015 02:06PM
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This should be their hall 3 boarding house. lolz
-- Ayodun1 (m) at 27-11-2015 02:36PM
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@zuaber.....  The same zoo U living ?

-- Fazob (m) at 27-11-2015 02:47PM
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Naija universities are places of hustling
-- deboalabi262 (m) at 27-11-2015 02:48PM
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Survival of the fittest, uhhhhhhh

-- WILLIAMS99 (m) at 27-11-2015 04:05PM
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And dem dey pay school fees every year oh
-- dickieponga (m) at 27-11-2015 04:10PM
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Where is d govnor or d state minister for education, oh sorry d govnor don use d money take care of im wife...
U get wat u pay for...
-- stephen77 (m) at 27-11-2015 04:42PM
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Not impressed with Uniben these days. None of the numbers on the website is working, what a shame.They have turned it into a family University, same set of people runing the affairs of the University. Husband na vc, wife na registrar.
-- eric2000 (m) at 27-11-2015 05:32PM
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Nigerian universities are a complete disgrace...there is a reason for it..most Nigerian politicians , government official and wealthy Nigerians who made their money from that country have their children in foreign universities..the ones that can't make it to America and Europe , have their children in the Nigerian universities are left for the poor and the rest...why will they want to do anything to fix it...the whole university system in Nigeria is a mess , not just uniben..the classrooms and learning environment is worst ..the average Nigerian graduate in any field in Nigeria is being short changed because they are not really learning anything...they have degrees but they do not anything compare to their mates in other parts of the world...I tried to have an economic discussion with an economics graduate on my last visit to Nigeria...he had no idea what I was talking about was like I was speaking a foreign language....very grateful for my economics degree from the United States
-- Oways (m) at 27-11-2015 06:24PM
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Where is Oshio ?
-- gogoman (m) at 27-11-2015 07:46PM
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them no fit do borehole ni
-- sugarwealth (f) at 27-11-2015 09:04PM
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Oshiomole no go see this one as anything now.. Later him go begin make noise up and down.. People dey complain of fuel scarcity, uniben dey complain of water scarcity
-- winace (f) at 28-11-2015 08:44AM
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Hmmmm na wa o. Oshiomole leave other pple u are condemning and do somethg quickly abt dis water issue o. Talk to ur BRODA Buhari cus Umiben is a federal university.
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