Is religion evil?

Date: 07-01-2010 3:38 pm (11 years ago) | Author: Daniel Bosai
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- at 7-01-2010 03:38 PM (11 years ago)
IS religion evil? Wait, don’t crucify me yet. Read below and make up your mind. Even Jesus Christ had a sham trial before Pontus Pilate before he was crucified. I contend that religious wars have killed more people than AIDS, malaria, famine, holocaust all put together.

That is a fact. People have committed atrocities, discrimination, murder, hatred, rape under the disguise of religion and in the name of God. Osama Bin Laden is killing people in the name of God. Mullah Omar and the Taliban have denied women education and freedom in the name of God. David Koresh, “the last prophet” of Waco Texas, raped and physically abused young children in the name of religion.

Bob Jones Christian University refused to enroll black students until 1971 and forbade interracial dating until 2000 based on religious beliefs; “that God intended segregation of the races and that the scripture forbids interracial marriage.” Pat Robertson and Jeremiah Wright preached hatred, intolerance, discrimination all in the name of God Almighty!

Esther my friend has avoided her mom for over 10 years. “Witch craft is not my portion” she insists. Their relationship has been strained ever since her 83-year old father passed away. Their pastor insists he was killed by his wife, Esther’s mom .

“That is what happens when a Christian marries a Muslim, light and darkness don’t mix” he explains. It didn’t matter that he was elderly, diabetic and with a bad heart.

Between 1933 and 1945, six million innocent people including children were tortured, and massacred by the Nazis in Germany. Some sent to humiliating concentration camps where they were subjected to agonizing mental maltreatments.

Their only crime; they were Jews! On September 11, 2001 the landscape and mind set of America were changed forever when 3000 innocent people were murdered in their primes by fanatic lunatics fighting the “holy war” jihad in the name of Allah.

In 2009, Nigeria saw a blood bath, again, in the name of God when some idiots decided to kill innocent people in an attempt to stop the advancement of western technology. The leader of the faceless cult Boko Haram was “accidentally” killed in a crossfire by the Nigerian Military. Found in his possession were 6 or more different cellular phones… the same technology he was fighting to abolish!

A friend once proudly told me that he knows Nigerians could be fraudsters, con artists, drug peddlers, 419s but that “they will never blow themselves up.” Those were the good old days before Umar Farouk AbdulMutallab, a privileged son of a wealthy Nigerian decided to upgrade Nigerian CV to include international terrorism when he attempted to blow up flight 253 from Amsterdam to Detroit in the name of Allah. What a shame!

There is no ideological justification for strapping explosives in your underwear; just plain craziness and stupidity. AbdulMutallab can now meet his 70 virgins without his balls! Since he has successfully castrated himself, he should be a beautiful bride to his fellow inmate Richard Reid, the shoe-bomber. Underwear bomber meets shoe bomber.

The fact that he still has any teeth left speaks volume about American kindness. Were that to be in Nigeria, there would have been rubber tires around his neck and his burnt corpse deposited along the road. Better still, his body would have been ridden by “accidental discharge” by the Nigerian Police.

May be religion is not the problem after all, just a few deranged criminals using the name of God to commit atrocities. Food for thought.

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- Toks-E at 7-01-2010 04:09 PM (11 years ago)
i dnt knw

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- myolu at 7-01-2010 04:18 PM (11 years ago)
Well the straight answer is NO but u know half literacy could be dangerous. Shei!
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- loving_one at 7-01-2010 05:19 PM (11 years ago)
i dont think religion is evil is just the people that make it look like it is. in the Quran and Bible it doesnt say we should make people suffer or fight Jihad the people who think they are fighting jihad in the name of allah are wasting their time and all shall be revealed on the day of judgment!
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- cashempire at 7-01-2010 07:37 PM (11 years ago)
I dig this topic man! You must be one hell of a guy. If u ask me: Religion is a product of Earth-Man not God! Hence, the apparent abuse. I personally dont judge peeps based on where they "belong" rather on their character! Check this out: there is no portion of the Bible that permits one 2 kill, but the Quran permits its adherents to kill those who dont share their beliefs, promotes "holy war" promising them "chicks in heaven" Is that not a problem? I think that 4 these reasons, I can say that muslims constitute a threat to our society! Afterall, Farouk Mutallab or what do they call that daft punk, is a muslim. I wasnt surprised when I heard the news, coz I know thats their stock in trade. Holla y'all
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- nditebeck at 7-01-2010 08:37 PM (11 years ago)
I would love the see the expression on the faces of these lunatics when they get to 'heaevn" and find that there NO VIRGINS waiting for them, that they have been deceived all thier life. What is really the difference btweeen a virg and a non virgin? Isnt shack thesame,, where they girl was divirguned by you or by some one else.
All in all., reigion if used appropriately can be a great force in society. How ever there are always the malined people exploiting others in the name of 'God"
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- chogzie at 7-01-2010 08:49 PM (11 years ago)
its not man
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- dolphinkate at 8-01-2010 12:49 AM (11 years ago)
There r always extremists, who r looking for an excuse for terror and misusing religions for it. mIf not religion, then they would give their terror plans another name.

If ppl would have faith in the only Almighty GOD and follow the instructions of the holy bible, then there would be peace in this world.

My conclusion is, u can doupt a religion, but the faith in GOD is good and brings u peace.
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- Helga at 8-01-2010 07:06 AM (11 years ago)
Im in agreement with this totally.
More people have been killed this way then in any other war.


How many have been fought in the name of some sort of religion? And it will never stop.
You would think after thousands of years people would have woken up to themselves and leave all this behind and believe in what they want to believe. And let religion rest.

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- spekay at 8-01-2010 07:51 AM (11 years ago)
yes -  i would say   as religion was demonized in certain part of the world at certain times for certain reasons . There may be possible positive and negative  reasons for that  when one looks more closely .

 Also  recently people are graduating from religion to spirituality having learnt of thenot only the limitations of religion but also of the  evils that religion can pose .  when wrongly used to discriminate and destroy especially with the emergence of fanatical diehards . 

Otherwise .    Some of the civilization we have today might have been darker than the dark ages in the complete absence of Religion  .   Yes it helped for a while   for example in Christianity . 

The Mosaic laws God gave through Moses helped keep the order and gave a guidance as to what is expected of the group of people at that time .  Moral standards and all 

One thing gives rise to another after outliving its  usefulness . 

There are accounts of churches appearing to be packing up in certain parts of the world.  Maybe not completely but the vigour and zeal it used to have are no longer there .  and these are perhaps ominous signs of the times .  !   

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- dollar22 at 8-01-2010 11:25 AM (11 years ago)
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- shine1177 at 8-01-2010 11:39 AM (11 years ago)
religion na politics

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- kemoprosper at 8-01-2010 04:48 PM (11 years ago)
how i wish dis guyz can see wat heaven looks like, there's nothing like marriage not to talk of sex,seven virgin? i pity them cos they will burn with their so called Leaders.....Satan in human forms.
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- Harunshehu at 8-01-2010 05:44 PM (11 years ago)
The case of Religion is something that is far beyond human comprehension, if we say that Religion is evil then that will be the biggest blasphemy.   It is true that many people under the name of Religion has committed a lot of atrocities but come to think of it have ever asked yourself that:

1) If not for religion how are we ever gonna recognize that God truly exist.
2) Immorality would have been on the increase e.g. Homosexuality, Lesbianism, Adultery, fornication.

Do forgive me for am short of words here but you all must know that Religion plays a vital role in our daily lives.

Many extreme religious sects are hiding under the guise of religion to carry out crimes that is not acceptable in the sight of God almighty.

Forgive me cause even as a muslim, I will never look down on my Religion, in the holy Qur'an God commands us that "DO NOT KILL YOURSELVES" but i don't know where they get all this ideologies from.

Muslims all around the world condemn any act of terrorism, anybody that sees it right to kill his own fellow human being then such a person is far from the path to heaven


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- mubaji at 8-01-2010 05:53 PM (11 years ago)
i stand with a capital NO to whichever opinion that says "religion is evil">
the misconception of our religions and it's malpractising is only major reason behind any attrocities our various religions might have brought us. i won't blame "cashempire" for his opinion, i quote: "I can say that muslims constitute a threat to our society!" as i can also say that chrisrtians or pastors precisely constitute a threat to our society! for the ill-lucks that come the way of countless church-members from the acclaimed Men of God.

which of these two religions is more threatening; the one whose leaders are dupers and misleaders (i.e christianity) or the one whose followers take issues to themselves and carryout their personal interest in the name of religion (i.e muslims). i think it's vivid to sensible one's that the way by which christianity ruin peoples lives is more dangerous than that of muslims.

whichever the religion, it's not an evil -let the adherents of those religions crosscheck their Holy-Books and seek for more knowledge for a sound understanding.

it should be stated here that the so called umar farouk abdul-mutallib (may God see him through his calamities and bring him back to his senses) was taken for granted, by some muslims (al-qaidah's) whom we pray Allah to save from their misconception of the Islamic Holy-War Jihad, for he's been suffering from segregation (as reported by a source posted on this site by a pal) in the western state he resides - and these are the likes of muslims this islamic-sect use in achieving their goals.

fellow pals, there are lots of proofs to back that umar farouk's advantage was taken by al-qaidah, viz:
"He was brought up in affluence, he had everything any child could ask for. Something must have snapped somewhere, we don't know, that's why we are in a state of shock." says Yusuf. "We are all parents so we are praying for the family, for Allah to see them throught this trial."

She blames Nigeria's educational system for forcing young people out of the country.

"Our educational system has collapsed to the extent that any right-thinking parent who has the resources will send their child to go and seek education where you can get quality education."

"Umar Mutallab is a neighbour of mine, his family lives just two houses away from mine here in Kaduna," says Civil Rights Congress head Shehu Sani.
see: for more and other websites. Aljazeerah, a worldwide TV station gave deatils on this in the News yesterday. Beloved pals, please read this article to know what the the Muslim Public Affairs centre of Nigeria says of this issue:

website:, www.mpac-ng. org

Topic: "Know Your Resposibilities And Rights" Pack

Nigerian Muslims are still reeling from the aftershock of the Friday 25th of December sad news that a Nigerian Muslim youth was allegedly attempting to bring down a packed plane with bomb materials strapped to his own body. Thankfully, the alleged attempt was unsuccessful and the case is now being prosecuted in a US court.

This incident is sad and whichever way things turn out in the future the image of the Muslim Nigerians has taken a heavy and direct hit. Nigerian Muslims have an extraordinary challenge in front of them: feeling no need to be apologetic we must get out even more to spread a better understanding of Islam, in both words and deeds, the true message of Islam and its beautiful face. Islam's zero-tolerance policy against terrorism is clear, consistent and sourced in the Qur'an and authentic traditions of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Inspite of the prevalent situation, Nigerian Muslims across the whole country are peace loving, law abiding citizens that are making important contributions to the development of our nation in far reaching ways and diverse areas of the economy including nation building.

The vast majority of Nigerian Muslims live in peace with their neighbours, they are in all parts of the world and they respect and treat their fellow human beings well. This vast majority will never think of hurting anyone and as such they, nor the alleged perpetrators family members, can be held accountable for the action of an individual. So, it is important that we remain confident as we peacefully go about our daily activities. It is equally important that we insist on our rights to be treated with respect and equally as other members of the society. The enemy is not Muslims or Nigerian Muslims, but extremism in religion and in this realm Muslims are proud of their tradition and history which span more than 1400 years. There are committed Islamophobes out there waiting on the fringe of the society for a delivered opportunity such as this to take a swipe at the whole community, demonize Islam and spread hate and fear, but we must not allow that to happen.  

Even spreading a better understanding of Islam does not guarantee the end of Islamophobia, but it can protect against a particularly virulent response to misinformation. As such Muslim leaders, Muslim organisations, community leaders and Muslim student organisations must seek creative and better ways of collaborating and working together intelligently as we combat this and other type of challenges confronting our community.  
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- mubaji at 8-01-2010 06:07 PM (11 years ago)
pls read the post under the topic: I was lonely-Umar farouk 
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- croxxx at 8-01-2010 06:46 PM (11 years ago)
Religion itself is not d evil but not fully understanding it..I can firmly say dat no religion on earth asks its followers 2 indulge in socially unacceptable endeavours...if a religion is against murder how then can u kill in d name of dat same religion..its just stupidity because in most cases the masterminds bhind the odeals are @ a safe distance 4rm d site of evil...Bin Laden didnt fly thoz planes did he??
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- derbi at 10-01-2010 03:09 AM (11 years ago)
no and yes becouse, it depend on individual metality, just as my people use to say that when a fool goese to the native doctore house to seek for solution over is problem, he will reach is neighbor hood with enimity just becouse of what the native doctor told him, we say mosslem  nations are  violence and alldough they do have some violence believe, but look at place like saudi, sudan e.t.c are those ones not moslem nation but they are liven in peace, is just that if you take religion that contain some violent to a people that lyke wisdom it will become distruction why becouse at first they never knew what is right and what is rong.
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- sweetygurl8610 at 13-01-2010 12:59 PM (11 years ago)
for me religion is only that is nothing about devil,only the person that dont know how to respect their religion and belief only will do everything n working with devil...
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- salamanda at 15-01-2010 04:21 PM (11 years ago)
Religion is the  only means we mortal being can know and communicate with our immortal God our Creator.
Without religion man will be  unconcious of his being however being like the lower animals.
Religion brought about Justice, self conciousness and awareness of our being and enviroment.
Religion is the bedrock of civilization and creativity(scientific innovations)'.
Religion and science must go hand in hand to avoid superstition and self distruction,i.e the should harmonise.
Now that religious leaders are now extorting money for selfish interest. we should now go back to socratic school of thought(MAN KNOW THY SELF)> SOLOMON UDO>
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