Oscar Pistorius Granted Bail, Placed Under House Arrest, To be Sentenced in April 2016

4 years ago by: Giwa bayo
(m) at 8-12-2015 10:55AM (4 years ago)

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The Paralympic gold medalist has been granted bail by Deputy President Aubrey Ledwaba as he appeals his conviction for the murder of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. Here are the bail conditions:

Bail conditions:
1 Accused must appear at 9am on postponement date
2 He will be under house arrest but may leave between 7am-12pm
3 Only allowed to travel within a 20km radius
4 He can only leave home by informing investigating officer
5 He cannot leave magisterial district (Tshwane)
6 OP must hand over passport and may not apply for any passports until the conclusion of the matter
7 Electronic monitoring

gogoman (m) at 8-12-2015 10:59AM
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menh this guy life is finish anyhow.. the waiting self is damn killing, hope he won't commit suicide
Oworen25 (m) at 8-12-2015 11:53AM
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This country is civilized look at the way they are monitoring his movement.
Larry28 (f) at 8-12-2015 12:10PM
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this one serious oo
Novic (m) at 8-12-2015 03:03PM
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That was gud... buhari hand don they catch una hand one by one. na all of una go go to jail. stupid looters
zezprincess (f) at 8-12-2015 04:08PM
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His life is useless&meaningless now,dey pity him now thou he caused it upon himself.
akinmanchy (m) at 8-12-2015 06:03PM
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Next time do not open fire on ur girlfriend and thinks she's an intruder

winace (f) at 8-12-2015 06:32PM
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Then Dats not prison. He shld be in prison .
elchymo (m) at 8-12-2015 07:29PM
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I don tire for this guy matter. If una wan judge am, judge am once and for all joor, which kind drag feet court case be dis?
dareshola (m) at 8-12-2015 08:03PM
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I pity the guy shall, even the dead girlfriend self go dey beg for him freedom for hell
dickieponga (m) at 8-12-2015 08:37PM
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Lifestyle of d stars, trust me if na ordinary black man do dat na death penalty e go get..
AmazingMarie (f) at 9-12-2015 08:16PM
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see quakea. he is in self pity now.
okatee (m) at 14-12-2015 11:13PM
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na him cause am fr himself
Novic (m) at 26-12-2015 06:02AM
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All this was totally lies, i knw nothing we happen to him again. Atlast they just forget the case and free him, i dnt knw why the are wasting time by giving house arrest still april. why can they give him what he deserve
Ayodun1 (m) at 28-12-2015 02:55PM
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And you call this arrest ?