SO SAD! The Last Moments Of Muhammad Bukhari And His Wife Aisha - [Details Inside]

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This was sent in by Reporters, It's quite sad and revealing...if all true. Read below
On the evening of December 12th, Bukhari set out for Kaduna from Abuja. Sheikh Zakzaki had sent word out that the Military was violently clamping down on their religious activities once again with deadly force and that the faithfuls should come save their Islamic Center and their right of free worship. Bukhari's friend mentioned in a chat that he had tried to convince him not to go since it was all over the news already that the Nigerian army was massacring the Muslims there.
Barricaded in the Husainiyyah Islamic Center, Bukhari posted updates on his Online page to a horrified audience of the assault by the Nigerian Army on them inside all night till the wee hours of the morning.
He described how the military stationed in battle-mode outside the complex was firing shots and missiles at any living or moving thing within. How they were bombing the bidding.
At 2:27 he posted:
"Disappointment and confusion in the camp of Nigerian soldiers as they about to face the biggest shame of their lives... they have done all the killing and injuring score of brothers and sisters, yet, we remain peaceful. They expected confrontation, the only thing they are getting is the loud slogan of "Allahu Akbar" Allahu Akbar" Allahu Akbar" Ya Mahdi Ya Mahdi Ya Mahdi is what is echoing here from brothers and sisters and children ... What a disappointing outing for the Zionists zombies.... as shame and defeat is eminent .. with all the re-enforcement and weapons and shooting Power, the Will and resolved of brothers and sisters is just getting started... You cannot structured us according to your fancy .... We are Muslim.. Lovers of Muhammad and the Family of Muhammad ..... We have a code of ethics and engagement... No provocation can force us to do your bidding ... If you have border to read about Islam ... it is a defensive religion not offensive ..... and they are alot of steps and procedure of engagement in Jihad please.... You cannot structured us according to your ignorance and deception‪ #‎siegeonhussainiyyabaiyyatullah‬"

A shot hit Bukhari's wife and she fell. She had their baby, little Batoola on her back and perhaps from crushing or suffocation, they died together.
At 3:25am Bukhari said:
"Nigeria Soldier has just won a medal of cowardice by bombing the front view of Hussainiyya Baqiyyatullah ....Loud explosion has shattered the front view of beautiful Hussaniyya Baqiyyatullah information reaching us now .... What is the meaning of this? is Hussainiyya the new found Sambisa Forest?"

Bukhari finally posted that may Allah forgive me and anyone I have offended, I may be killed any moment and I am ready to meet my Lord. It was Bukhari's last post. Bukhari Muhammad Bello Jega died that night. From Allah he came and to Allah he returned.
Bukhari's last words were:
"Unfortunate battery is running out and maybe this is my last post .... and it is already morning as the call for prayers is already taking shape insha Allah ... Whatever the situation please do forgive us we are not perfect but just trying to see what we can contribute so that we can have excuses before Allah when he asks us about the state of affair about Islam... We can say Ya Rabbi we did our best and in the process we were martyred in the process."

His wife's elder brother and sister also died that fateful night of blood.
Bukhari's wife was raised in the Islamic movement umbrella, but Bukhari was not, at some point it appears he got convinced by their theology.
Bukhari's friend Olabisi Lanre Hammed, visited his FaceBook page to read Bukhari's "intellectual analysis" of the tragedy but rather found his death. In his tribute on December 17th, he wrote:
"...I have been listening and reading several news and comments on the incidence for some days now but wasn't fed enough. Few hours ago, thought of you came to my mind and i remembered I hadn't seen any post from you for sometimes now. Suddenly, i decided to go straight to your Facebook wall, and all i could see was series of tributes to your obituary. I wanted to read your usual brilliance, logical, technical and controversial analysis of the scenario but end up reading your obituaries, never knew u were also involved."

Bukhari was a zealous Alumni who fought to build the University of Abuja Alumni association, his friend, Odeh Junior wrote.
"An ardent supporter of the Buhari government,"
another, ‎Bintu Satomi‎ wrote.
"He was with us at ‪#‎KogiDecides‬ YouthInitiative Advocacy GrowthAdvancement election Observation mission, Umar Dan'Assabe Muhammed added.
The tributes are flowing on his FaceBook page like the rivers of martyrs' blood flowed in Zaria that night.

photo below:

zezprincess at 23-12-2015 10:14AM (4 years ago)
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Chaaiii,crying now,is a pity,RIP all,hmmmm,all in buhari government.
Oworen25 at 23-12-2015 11:26AM (4 years ago)
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This is a very sad story now what are the soldiers going to do to prove that they didn't mean to kill the man.
chylind5 at 23-12-2015 12:05PM (4 years ago)
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When I read the caption of this post, I really tot it was Buhari and Aisha that I know and my spirit was full of joy! Only to read here that it was just an innocent family being murdered in cold blood.
winace at 23-12-2015 12:17PM (4 years ago)
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Too bad. I don't even know wat to type after reading d sad post
Anny01 at 23-12-2015 12:41PM (4 years ago)
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R.I.P family man.
gogoman at 23-12-2015 01:16PM (4 years ago)
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na wa ooooo buhari
emma4love3 at 23-12-2015 02:21PM (4 years ago)
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na waooooo
stephen77 at 23-12-2015 04:50PM (4 years ago)
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This was the way people glorified Boko Haram until it became a menace to the world. There is no religious sect that is peaceful and law abiding that will have to face the wrath of the law. If a sect had to fight the military, what do you think they have done to ordinary people and the police.

Please, let us be realistic, this country must be safe for all to live in, any group that is aggressive and a threat to the peace and tranquility of the nation must be confronted and neutralized.
beautysharp at 23-12-2015 08:30PM (4 years ago)
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AmazingMarie at 23-12-2015 09:37PM (4 years ago)
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the military has done something gruesome.
Novic at 23-12-2015 11:03PM (4 years ago)
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This is so horrible, God have mercy.
botlex at 23-12-2015 11:23PM (4 years ago)
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RIP! What a sad story.
omoboriowo96 at 24-12-2015 04:15AM (4 years ago)
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candela at 24-12-2015 09:37AM (4 years ago)
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Let these muslims go to hell with their violence jare
okatee at 27-12-2015 11:58AM (4 years ago)
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may deir soulz rest in peace
Mopera at 30-12-2015 09:08PM (4 years ago)
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When I read the caption of this
post, I really tot it was Buhari and
Aisha that I know and my spirit
was full of joy! Only to read here
that it was just an innocent family
being murdered in cold blood.
latuak at 30-12-2015 10:19PM (4 years ago)
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Hummnn Allah knows the best and He's the best judge. Be careful Candela so that your mouth will not year to the skull one day. An advise though
moralemike07 at 3-01-2016 10:58AM (4 years ago)
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Will president Buhari accept responsibility for this or we should also blame it on the past administration?