30 PDP Staff Resign Over Party’s Inability To Pay Salaries

(m) at 24-12-2015 10:46AM (4 years ago)

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No fewer than 30 persons employed the former ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) have resigned.

It was gathered that the mass resignation, which started in the administrative department of the party a few days ago, has also spread to other departments of the party secretariat.

The aggrieved employees said they were not ready to accept the cutting of their salaries by the party’s National Working Committee (NWC).

PDP had informed its staffers that the decision to slash their salaries was reached with the NWC members, stressing that the party would not sack workers if they (workers) agreed to take a wage cut.

One of the workers who turned in his resignation letter blasted the once-rich party for being insensitive to its workers.

“The soul of this party has gone. All the noise you hear about rebranding is nothing but a sham. It will lead nowhere.

“Majority of us are not only leaving the party’s employment, we are opting out of the party’s membership. We are going elsewhere,” he told Punch.

Another employee, Nwachukwu Ngige, a staff in the publicity department, explained that he was leaving the employment of the party because the PDP “now celebrates mediocrity over competence.” According to him, interlopers have taken over the party.

“We are leaving the party in droves. It is sad. Interlopers have taken over the party’s administration.

“I’m not resigning my membership of the party; I am only leaving as a paid employee of the party.

“But there is no way I will work under those who are inferior to me intellectually. I can’t continue to function when my inferiors suddenly become my bosses.

“The party has become a huge joke where brilliance is punished and mediocrity is celebrated,” he said.

When contacted, Solomon Onwe, the Deputy National Secretary of the party, who is also a member of the NWC, said he was not aware of the mass resignation of the workers.

Relatively, Victor Kwon, the National Legal Adviser of the party, said that he was not competent to speak on the issue as he had been away for more than two weeks.

Oworen25 (m) at 24-12-2015 10:53AM
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This people are not patriotic to their party, if people democratic party was the one ruling now you will see all of them doing as if they will never leave the party no matter the condition or occasion.
gogoman (m) at 24-12-2015 11:02AM
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yeye party see una life
kp45 (m) at 24-12-2015 11:46AM
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So the tin dey affect una too abi
odegbalegu (m) at 24-12-2015 01:26PM
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you contributed to the failure and now you're complaining.
Anny01 (m) at 24-12-2015 01:36PM
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The same way them live the part na so them go live another party.
Patode (m) at 24-12-2015 02:21PM
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When these employees heard about the billions of naira and dollars shared by their ATM, they at least expected to be paid. A LABOURER IS WORTH HIS WAGES.
botlex (m) at 24-12-2015 09:12PM
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PDP! Share the money! That slogan is no longer because power has changed hands. That's politics for u
SOGaiya (m) at 24-12-2015 10:11PM
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Novic (m) at 24-12-2015 11:35PM
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Hahaha... that was great news, Apc charm is working. Buhari has handle you people very well, una no get anywhere to loot money.
winace (f) at 25-12-2015 08:24PM
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Hmmmm they will bounce bak soon
AmazingMarie (f) at 27-12-2015 10:20PM
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no funds to pay their staff cut of supply has affected the once giant PDP.
okatee (m) at 29-12-2015 11:54AM
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lolzzz na so pdp cum poor reach. no more money to steal again
Ayodun1 (m) at 29-12-2015 04:33PM
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evilgenius (f) at 29-12-2015 06:07PM
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Your feeling what you did to Nigerian under your 60 rule,  the part I loved and hate with  passion
Mopera (m) at 30-12-2015 07:44PM
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This people are not patriotic to their
party, if people democratic party
was the one ruling now you will
see all of them doing as if they will
never leave the party no matter the
condition or occasion.