Nigeria is a nation of stupid people and I'm one of them.

at 07:06 PM, 28/12/2015 (3 years ago)
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Michael Davies called
me a retarded fool. I think he was correct.
I was actually a fool, a retarded one. This
is why I think I was a fool. Yesterday, I
changed my profile picture to a French flag to sympathize with the people who
were killed by ISIS in Paris. I didn't think
twice. I did that because I saw other
people doing it. I didn't know the evil
spirit that entered into me when I did it.
The sad thing is that other stupid people on my facebook also followed me and did
the same. I cannot always be right. Don't
expect me to be, because I'm not God. If
you always do everything that I say, I will
only lead some of you astray. This is
what happens when people cannot reason individually. Do you know that
everyone has a right to think? Biko,
exercise your right. Africans have been
known for depending on others to think
for them. And I must say, I am not the
only retarded fool, Mark Zuckerberg is also one, a bloody idiot and a
psychopathic racist. I don't even care if
you take my facebook down. I have said
this and I'll say it again. We Africans are
always segregated by the world in
everything. Thousands of people have died in the hands of Boko Haram in
Nigeria, Mark Zuckerberg pretended he
didn't know anything. Many have also
died in other African countries. Facebook
did not even put up a flag to sympathize
with us. Do we even know that these people always think we are animals?
They don't see us as human beings. I
may quit facebook today. I may delete my
account. I am sorry for myself. I am sorry
for Nigeria and other African countries. I
really pity us because the world thinks we are animals, that we can continue to die
like animals, that we don't deserve
anything, and that they don't even care.
Why should facebook be taking my
money when they think I'm useless? I
don't blame them. I blame the Nigerian leaders because they have given us a
bad representation in the eyes of the
world. I'm sorry for Nigeria because we
don't have leaders. What we have is a
bunch of money-thirsty, useless fellows
who cannot even run their own families successfully. That is why Nigerians are
suffering. Do you know that Buhari is also
a failure? He gave us mountain promises
but now, we have molehill fulfilment. I
supported him during the campaign.
Now, I regret that because he has refused to work. A country that used six
months to select its ministers may not
have a reasonable achievement to show
the world. And that is why they think we
are animals. Our actions are proving
them right. We'll never move forward until we say things that matter and do things
that matter. I want to ask: what is
facebook doing for the #BringBackOurGir ls campaign in Nigeria? What is their contribution? And to my fellow stupid
friends in Nigeria who have changed
their profile pictures, I hope this is
enough to make you repent. Oro die la
nso f'omoluabi. B'o ba denue, ad'odidi.
Moti jise t'Eledua ranmi. Alagemo ti bi'omo e nan. Aimoojo ku sowo e! Ire O

moralemike07 at 11:21 PM, 4/01/2016 (3 years ago)
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*Yawns* too long.


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