DO YOU AGREE? These Are 7 Types Of Students You Will Find In An Off-Campus Hostel

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1. Brother John and Sister Mary
People in this category need little or no introduction. They live the simplified triangular campus lifestyle. From Hostel to Class to Church, then back to the Hostel again. They wake up as early as 3am to pray till 6 o’clock in the morning; like they’re the only humans with problems. I mean, even their guardian angels as still wide asleep by that time! There’s this one next to my room that prays like she’s having a seizure and hiccups simultaneously. So annoying!

2. The Introverts
Honestly, I think the Federal Government needs to establish a rehab for these set of people. You only get to see them twice a day; when they have lectures to attend, and when get back from school. They live a totally mundane kind of life. Only God knows what they do or the fun they derive from staying indoors like forever. Maybe the are also glued to their phones trying to win the First to Comment (FTC) trophy on every Nairaland’s thread; just like their godmother, INTROVERT.

3. The Amebos
Darn! Nothing good comes out of these people. You find them everywhere their attention is never needed. They come to borrow match stick from you only to return it 30 seconds later. As if that’s not enough, you hear a knock 2minutes after their previous escapade. Now they want your pen! All these unthinkable display of mental retardation just because they want to have an inkling of what you’re doing with your female guest. Totally infuriating.

4. The Chefs
The name says it all. At their presence, the kitchen comes to life. Not just the kitchen, it’s environs too. You can perceive the aroma of their handiwork from a mile away. The taste of the harvest of their talent is also everything to write home about. I call these people “The Live Savers and The Live Takers”. They do the former when they voluntarily offer you a plate of whatever it is they’re cooking. You can’t imagine the joy that follows when they do this. Lol

5. The O.B.O
This is the lad/lass that has the tightest wardrobe, classic ride, well furnished apartment, cute babe e.t.c. Lest I forget, just like Ice Prince, they don’t wear a shoe twice too. Lol

6. The Playboys
These people don’t have friends of the same gender at all; except, of course, their fellow playboys. They come into the hostel with different varieties of babes. Please don’t even try telling me they all come around for Chemistry Tutorial! Tall, short, fat, chubby, skinny, midgets, dwarfs, hookers and even innocent Deeper life girls that want to preach their usual gospel to them. Oh well, enough said.

7. Kindly add yours

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moralemike07 (m) at 11-01-2016 07:58AM
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Life goes on.
moralemike07 (m) at 11-01-2016 07:59AM
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Life goes on.
zezprincess (f) at 11-01-2016 10:17AM
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Hmmmm,nawaooo,that's campus life for you,all manner of people with different life styles.
gogoman (m) at 11-01-2016 11:08AM
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DAMILARE100 (m) at 11-01-2016 11:33AM
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7.   Naijapals posters
DAMILARE100 (m) at 11-01-2016 11:34AM
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7.   Naijapals posters..........They take more time online
shaddybaby (f) at 11-01-2016 12:28PM
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Lol. Oga poster wia do u belong? Anyway let me add these:
7. Dia are these students dat don't ve anything still dey form abt, dey try to mix with d extremely rich and end up as dia school-maid. We call dem Attachment or ecto parasites.
8. Easy going and brilliant ones, dia seat is at d front, d library is dia bedroom, no play in dia dico, na read, read and read. Na dem dey pack 1st class. Anti-social human beings. Lol
9. Brilliant, good looking and social ones, dey read and enjoy, no stress, life is easy, a bit spiritual and flexible to all condition. Only say majority of us comot with 2.1
I don try, next
chylind5 (f) at 11-01-2016 03:20PM
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diezo (m) at 11-01-2016 05:11PM
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يراقب الله !!!
kp45 (m) at 11-01-2016 06:10PM
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7. Those whose names are written with pencil instead of pen/permanent maker, they just waste they parents money in school without getting admission.
SOGaiya (m) at 11-01-2016 10:33PM
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I Read
okatee (m) at 11-01-2016 10:47PM
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Oworen25 (m) at 13-01-2016 07:33AM
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Poster na only you Sabi oh me i didn't observed all that while in school
AmazingMarie (f) at 13-01-2016 09:25PM
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really abeg make I see better news
Novic (m) at 14-01-2016 07:19AM
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That was live of student nw, you can find them easly amoung nowadays student.
Novic (m) at 27-01-2016 09:57AM
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all the prophet/s can lie, in 3
occasion like that dem done lie
when dem dey prophesy to me,
one useless one say i theif money
from the country i stay before that
na why i dey fear to go back say the person dey look for me to kill
me and nothing like that happen i
only decide not to go there but to
relocate and be with my family, the
same prophet say i dey hungry
say i never eat since morning, to catch am i say yes, him say nor be
say i dey fast na because say i nor
get money and that day i done eat
morning and afternoon food,
another one say the place wey i
dey work go soon carry me travle and me nor dey work for naija and
na traveler i abi on my own, some
accuse my family and some
accuse my wife family for not be
able to re-unit with my wife and
daughter, so you guys be wise and don't let them fool you because
after creating this fear in you the
nest thing is to start collecting
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will turn out to worsten the situation