Italian Actor,Raphael Schumacher In Coma After Hanging Scene Goes Wrong on Stage

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An actor appearing in an experitmental theatre production that involved his character being lynched on-stage is in a coma after the scene went horribly wrong. Raphael Schumacher, 27, was saved by a member of the audience who realized that he was actually being strangled when a rope tightened around his neck.
 The Italian actor has been in coma since he was rescued. He was appearing in the six-scene play Mirages at the Teatro Lux in the historic centre of Pisa.
 Police have launched an investigation into the matter and have sealed off the theatre and interviewed members of the cast and audience. It was alleged that a box on which Mr Schumacher was supposed to stand while wearing the noose had been moved. He was also meant to be wearing a body harness.
 One actor said: "The noose should have been fake and a harness should have caught him if he fell. I cannot explain how an incident like this happened."
 The Independent reports that the Mirages' six scenes were staged in different parts of the theatre, with the audience walking between them. The scene, which had been successfully performed earlier the same evening, took place in the Teatro Lux's courtyard.
 It is understood that the audience member, a recent medical graduate, realised something was wrong when Mr Schumacher, who was wearing a mask for the scene, started trembling. The spectator rushed to Mr Schumacher's aid, loosening the noose before lowering him to the ground with another audience member.
 The mother of Mr Schumacher, who is from the northern city of Como, rejected the notion - reportedly being explored by police - that he may have been attempting to take his own life.
 She said: "My son recently lost his father and had ended a relationship but had found his serenity again. He didn't leave a suicide note and had no reason to kill himself."

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too much stunt dey kill!!!  ask bruce lee
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sorry case.... is ur way of living.
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why didnt he raise alarm until someone else noticed he was really dying. is acting the movie more important than his life?
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Lwkmd. . . . Why can't you seek assistance from the legend like. . . . . ? Jet lee etc. . . . Mr man don't end your life with useless record
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Go receive counselling from Jet Li na
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Make they no kill dis sweet Bobo for me oh, all in the name of  acting
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Thank God for your life,next time be careful.
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It's a pity my dear actor.
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