Four Women Stoned To Death For “Committing Adultery” After Being molested By ISIS Militants

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(f) at 15-02-2016 03:32PM (4 years ago)

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A state of warped justice has seen four women stoned to death after they were molested by ISIS militants.

The victims who were caught by ISIS militants being abused in the city of Mosul by their fellow fighters.

These women were then brought before a sharia court which ordered their ‘public execution by stoning’ without giving second thoughts to the victims or their alleged abusers. The four women were stoned in front of a large crowd.
In Islamic sharia law, married men and women who are promiscuous can be stoned to death. Those unmarried can be whip-lashed.
Spokesman of the Nineveh media center, Raafat Zarari reports
”The women were arrested on Wednesday during a raid by ISIS jihadis. The jihadis claimed to have captured the women while committing adultery.”
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As a method of execution, stoning has been reported all too frequently in areas controlled by Islamist groups especially across the middle east. Places include ISIS-controlled Iraq and Syria and the Taliban territory in Afghanistan.
Speaking on the issue; Media activist Abdullah al-Malla Syrian press agency ARA News said:
‘The four women were most likely exposed to sexual abuse at the hands of ISIS militants before being driven out of their homes and transferred to the Sharia Court.
‘Apparently, the victims had been molested by ISIS jihadis and then stoned to death on charges of committing adultery.’

A true and unfair case of warped justice, my thoughts are irrelevant as the women are long dead now, still, being stoned to death after being molested? Where’s the compassion?
Plus, the ISIS militants who molested them are free to go and rape as many more women who will also be put to death or flogged if caught.
They don’t even have to fight anymore.
Just rape any woman who offends you and they get flogged or worse. Is it me, or are these women being treated like dogs.

Mykie010 (m) at 15-02-2016 03:39PM
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Fake religion, fake terrorists,everything abt thses people is fake...u rape n then kill,that's all they knw,..kill,rape,loot,fakery
Mykie010 (m) at 15-02-2016 03:43PM
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Animals in human form,illiterates,people without human hearts,killing in d name of religion... GOD will purnish all of u and ur supporters, very fake people with fake mindset ,tufiakwa
evilgenius (f) at 15-02-2016 03:43PM
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islam at modern 21 century. NO FORGIVENESS-

consider going to space with ur OIL MONEY and discover our planets with a view to help humanity
Anny01 (m) at 15-02-2016 03:50PM
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Did they commit the adultery alone? What of the men? Islam-a-bad? What a world of lies?
Troublemenot (m) at 15-02-2016 03:56PM
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Where is gogoman.........what do u have to say on this
Ennyolalekan (m) at 15-02-2016 04:07PM
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how I wish
ficull (m) at 15-02-2016 04:16PM
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Where are the ISIS molestors? You let them go and killed the molestees?
ISIS, ur says are numbered.
gogoman (m) at 15-02-2016 04:20PM
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This is so wrong, stone to death on top wetin..... my hand no dey this one
rashjr (m) at 15-02-2016 04:34PM
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Allahu Akbar. . . . . . . . .that is the exactly the punishment for Adultery
Blessed75 (m) at 15-02-2016 05:17PM
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Na only God can judge who kill will also be kill by someone
kp45 (m) at 15-02-2016 05:42PM
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dareper (m) at 15-02-2016 06:14PM
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These people are wicked, no human feeling
steveoneal (m) at 15-02-2016 06:50PM
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Quote from: Hassan Rasheed  link=topic=283185.msg4698034#msg4698034 date=1455550440
Allahu Akbar. . . . . . . . .that is the exactly the punishment for Adultery
I dont always comment on religious stuff  on this forum. but this is just too bad , may thunder wipe you out from this earth surface. you are a beast and not fit to be living among normal people.baaastard
winace (f) at 15-02-2016 07:18PM
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Na GOD punish all di useless pple called Isis. Wat abt d men who rape d women. Are they not suppose to be burnt alive for molesting which is a crime world wide. Abi its not a crime to Islam or wat.
chidi700 (m) at 15-02-2016 07:23PM
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Usless aboki supported it, please lets leave from Nigeria. Muslims are not human beings to be with. Give us Biafra
Eazyatumeyi (m) at 15-02-2016 08:59PM
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Nawa o, all because of religion? lets think deep down within ourselves o, God ways no be man ways o, think o, think  o.
Trueyarn (m) at 15-02-2016 09:56PM
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Quote from: Hassan Rasheed  link=topic=283185.msg4698034#msg4698034 date=1455550440
Allahu Akbar. . . . . . . . .that is the exactly the punishment for Adultery
Son of an un diluted prostitute,honestly if I know where you live,I will make sure I kill you,cut off your empty head and take it to your Ashewo mother,let me tell you brief history about you Mother,she conceived you after sleeping with 20 men who sell Goro in my street for 100naira,some of those men are cripple,imbecile,mad men and blind men maybe she didn't tell you all this,look your house well well,who among your father children you resemble?nobody,that shows how competent your Ashewo mother his. You better carry your mother go where ISIS dey make them rape her too before stoning her to death,Ugly Alien like you.
Trueyarn (m) at 15-02-2016 09:59PM
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Very soon this beast called ISIS go face their self with gun.
zezprincess (f) at 15-02-2016 10:09PM
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Like serious!,God please destroy this islamist,wipe them all from the surface of this earth,What rubbish,which kind wicked&barbaric law is this?
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